3 Sustainable Ways to Enjoy South Africa

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We all feel the call these days to be more sustainable in our homes, workplaces and daily lives. Travel is a huge consideration for many – do we still go – if we do how much of an impact do we make on the local environment and the people who live there.

Conservation holidays are a great way to enjoy a trip abroad, absorb local culture and have a positive impact on the area so that you leave feeling a sense of reward rather than having a boozy beach holiday.

Our Top 3 Conservation Holidays in South Africa


Don’t be scared! These majestic, ancient creatures are a critical part of the ocean ecosystem but fear and commerce have depleted their numbers. The call to play your part in the needless slaughter of over 100 million sharks annually talks about the work you will do over the length of your trip, where you will be based and even describes the opportunity to meet a great white up close and personal (not too close mind) Staying in Gansbaai, known as the Great White capital of the world – you will assist in collecting research, eco-tourism, observation and education. Prices include all accommodation as well as breakfast and lunch.


Another deeply humbling and rewarding opportunity to be part of the team that care for rescued, injured or lost wildlife and make sure they get back to where they are supposed to be. This project takes place in the Kruger national park and you get to stay in the Wildlife centre as your base. A wonderful opportunity to work hands on with wildlife and ensure their continued safety in their ecosystem. You also get to enjoy the area via safari but leaving a positive impact on the area as opposed to consuming and then leaving.


You will be living in the middle of a wildlife habitat, with zebras, impala, and other naturally roaming animals, so there will be endless opportunities to learn the ways of the wild and about the surrounding eco-system. As a wildlife rehabilitation volunteer, you will also get involved with various other activities that make up conservation work, such as learning about the behavior of the local species, wildlife tracking, and data collection. Animals are monitored from afar to collect data on their numbers and health. If an animal is in danger, the teamwork together to ensure that a solution is found.


Focus on the majestic Big 5 for your conservation week – Spend your time in the wild, researching Africa’s ‘Big 5’ – Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Leopards, and Buffalo. Collect information that will influence wildlife conservation by protecting wildlife from threats such as poaching and habitat loss. A truly noble pursuit for a break from the office – consuming ice creams and bottles of booze just don’t seem to come close when it comes to actually making a difference to the ecoystem through learning and education. Also with this Big 5 trip you will track the movements and behaviours of herds of elephants and prides of lions through the wild African bush, witness nocturnal animals such as leopards in their natural habitat on unforgettable moonlit night drives and on your free weekends, explore the spectacular Blyde River Canyon, go on a safari in the Kruger National Park, or experience the fascinating culture of the people in Eswatini.

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