5 Incredible Group Travel Experiences Around the World

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Few things bond you in a way as a group than a shared experience. Whether it’s growing up together, bonding through family and marriage or just coming together as a team to fight the demagorgons – working and playing together as a group can continue into adulthood.

There are many ways you can do this, from regularly meeting up to take part in hobby based activities locally to seeking out new experiences to build your bonds further. Here’s some ideas – from the sublime to the ridiculous ­čśÇ

A Culinary Event Masked in Mystery & Elegance

4 nights in the rolling French countryside of the Cognac region with Iron Chef’s Dominique Crenn. A celebration of art, nature and creative freedom – this is an experience like no other. Not to mention the 5* French fairy-tale chateau accommodation. Secret forest suppers, masked balls, masterclasses and hangover brunches – this is truly a sublime and opulent experience for the very wealthy! If you ever needed a way to celebrate a euromillions win, this would be it.

Weekend in Cornwall

How about retreat weekends in Cornwall for you and your yoga pals – those yummy mummies who can’t wait to leave the little tykes with daddy or granny and have a quiet, peaceful time with no thought of household chores. You could inject an element of adventure with some surfing fun as well or just keep it simple and enjoy time away together. For mums it’s hard to leave the little ones for a whole week – so a weekend seems ideal in this situation.

Outward Bound Style Team Building Experience

Team building events are always fun but sometimes contentious. If your group isn’t bound by blood or marriage, it might be a really good way to foster a team spirit, just watch that people don’t get too competitive. Things like raft building, orienteering or survival trips and caving expeditions all come with specific tasks, supervision from the tour operator and all the materials and safety equipment that you will need. There are loads of this sort of holiday/weekend scattered around the UK – none more so than the Lake District.

Arctic Adventures with Huskies and Northern Lights

Why not take a group on the ultimate adventure and the last true wilderness of the world – the Arctic circle. You could organise for some mushing with the local furry fart bags (the huskies) as well as ice fishing, northern lights viewing and whale watching scenic boat trips. Alaska or Greenland would be great options for those types of trips – just be sure to leave the environment as pristine as you found it.

Themed Hobby Trips

Imagine taking your passion or hobby and laser focusing on it for a solid week in the perfect environment with a gifted teacher. Think how much you could learn with no distractions from home and the ideal conditions for your hobby as well as being motivated and inspired by the others in your group. Think cooking holidays in Italy led by a master Italian chef, photography holidays on safari learning to take the perfect wildlife photography or painting holidays in the Alps with a watercolour expert.

Or learn a new skill with a group also at the same level and help each other along the way – your group could learn to ski, to paint, to sail – the world is your oyster!

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