4 Tips for Creating Your Personal Style

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Are you tired of looking in the mirror only to find that you are not satisfied with your look? It may be the clothes you are wearing, the hairstyle you’ve kept for so many years and then again, you just might be ready for a change. Perhaps it’s time for a change. Maybe what you are seeing in the mirror just isn’t you and it’s time to create your own personal style. Let’s get started with that!

1. Defining Who You Are

The very first step in creating your own personal style is to define who you are. What is your personality type? Are you more conservative or perhaps you are outgoing and a bit outlandish in the things you do and say? Be honest with yourself because this is the foundation of a style that fits you. From there you can begin creating the look that takes but one look to define who you are.

2. Ignore the Trends

If there is one thing that is counterproductive to creating a personal style it would be to follow the fashion trends. Just because all the magazines are showing styles that are trending this year, doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. If pastels are in this season but you are more of a hot, fiery person, then by all means go red if that is who you are. There is nothing in the rule books that says you need to dress like the celebs. In fact, who wrote those rule books anyway?

3. Bespoke Design Is Good

Perhaps you aren’t happy with the clothes and accessories you find in the shops. Why not have some of your clothes tailored to your liking? If the skirts aren’t short enough, have them taken up. If the jewellery trending isn’t what you’d personally wear, why not have a bit of bespoke jewellery crafted just for you? One shop you can browse online, chapter79.co.uk, is known for designing bespoke pieces that suit the individual. Why not start with a ring and perhaps earrings or a pendant that can be found on no one but you. You are, after all, creating your own style so it needn’t be like any other woman you know. It’s about being you.

4. Build as You Go

While you are trying to create a whole new look that is more befitting of who you are, it’s only understandable that you may not have the budget to throw out the old to replace with the new. Start slowly and build a new wardrobe as you go. Start with foundation items which you can mix and match and add to as you go. A few blouses and skirts might do well to begin with as would trousers, coats, and shoes. Bear in mind the old cliché, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, and neither will that new you be styled overnight.

Take your time in creating your style so that you are happy with what you’ve accomplished. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting, but if you aren’t happy, get on with the next idea. It only takes a bit of creativity and an honest assessment of who you are and what you aim to say through style. From there, it’s a journey you’ll have so much fun with if you let yourself go.

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