What is thermal clothing and when should it be worn

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We all like to dress in stylish but warm clothes in the winter, but many people aren’t familiar with the different styles of winter clothes there are available. By choosing the right outfit for activities during colder weather you can make sure you won’t have to think abut the temperatures too much. Thermal clothing is one of the most important items if you want to add warm layers to your outfits.

Thermal clothing

Thermal clothing has evolved throughout the years and become very convenient and comfortable to wear. One of the brands that continues to be successful in developing new innovations is Damart, which developed thermal underwear using chlorofibre against the cold to be tested at a hospital treating people with rheumatism. The tests at Nanterre hospital were successful and Damart began introducing more variations of thermal wear for different purposes and with special materials that were able to provide more warmth. They became especially known for their invention of Thermolactyl thermals.

How do thermals work?

Thermal wear is great at keeping the body temperature at a consistent level and absorbing sweat and moisture. This is done by using a mixture of materials and by the gap of air that is formed between the clothes and your skin. This makes thermal wear both great for a skiing trip and on a hike in the mountains where the air can get cold, but you might be breaking a sweat at the same time. Thermals can be worn in the summertime, too, and can help you stay cool. 

When should you wear thermals?

Thermals are designed to be comfortable and both men’s and women’s thermals became popular during the Covid pandemic when socialising outside was the only option. The combination of cosy and stylish fleece jackets, trousers and more makes thermal wear a great option to be worn daily and not just suitable for athletic activities. 

Thermal clothing can be very fashionable, and many items are now available in a variation of colours and styles. Thermal trousers can look like many popular leggings by activewear brands with the addition of keeping the person who wears them warm. Fleece jackets have a way of flattering women’s figures but can also look stylish and come in many bright colours or a simple neutral colour palette. If you are looking for something to wear underneath your ski jacket or a perfect pair of trousers to go hiking with in the summer, you might be surprised by how practical thermal wear can be. Especially when it’s cold you’ll be glad you chose them. 

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