4 Top Ideas for UK Holiday Destinations

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With the exchange rates not looking great at the moment, more and more people are thinking about staying in the UK for their holidays this year. While the weather is never guaranteed, the overall forecast over the summer holidays is looking fairly optimistic, making the idea even more appealing.

There are so many fantastic places to take a holiday in the UK just waiting for you and you family to discover. From beautiful Scottish Highland landscapes to stunning beaches along the south coast, once you have been to some of these destinations you may never want to pay over the odds for your foreign summer holidays ever again. All you need is a nicely sized car like the Ford Kuga which is perfect for families, friends and singletons, and you’re ready for a summer of UK based adventure. If you are in need of a new and better car; one which is road trip material, speak to a reputable car salesperson.

Isle of Man

This small island offers a great getaway. With sprawling countryside and quaint villages, you almost feel like you are going back in time to a place more peaceful, especially if you are used to the hectic city environment. The Isle of Man is great for walking through beautiful countryside and is well loved by motorcycle enthusiasts during the annual TT races. However, if you are looking for a quiet trip, avoid the dates that the race takes place. There are some lovely idyllic beaches as well as some stunning historic places to visit. If you need to keep the kids entertained, there is a lot to do in the capital Douglas and the steam railway is a great way to see the island.

Lake District

The northern part of England provides some beautiful scenery, and the Lake District is a popular choice for holidaymakers. There are multiple lakes to visit, and many of them offer fun watersports activities, such as boat rides and other forms of entertainment that will keep the kids happy for weeks. The hilly surroundings make for some great exploring walks, and the villages and towns are beautiful to walk around in. Kendal is a short distance from the Lakes and is a wonderful town to visit with some great restaurants and shops.


A very popular destination for surfers, Newquay has some striking beaches, and if you get some good weather, you could easily mistake it for being a Mediterranean destination at times. If your family loves to spend time at the beach and in the water, then Newquay is the perfect UK holiday location.


While many people prefer to visit the more remote areas of Scotland for a holiday, the Edinburgh Festival is a brilliant way to spend the holidays. The area is a hub of fun and excitement with so many activities taking place across the city. For a city destination, it is still beautiful with interesting and eye-catching architecture. Also, there is loads of entertainment that are either free or very reasonably priced from comedy shows, musical acts and short plays. With a multitude of adventures to keep you busy, you’ll find a short break won’t be enough.

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