4 Ways to Beautify the Exterior of Your Home

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Plenty of people make lots of effort sprucing up the inside of their home, but consider the exterior to be a done deal. This does not need to be the case! The outer shell of your house has a huge impact on how you feel inside. If you know that you are coming home to a beautiful house on the inside and out, you’ll feel more confident and relaxed about your environment. Of course, many houses are absolutely beautiful without any adornment. Unfortunately, beautiful architectural gems come at a cost in the UK. Many of us live in quite ordinary looking homes built to a standard neo-gothic or post-war design. It is not that these designs are particularly bad – in fact, their omnipresence is partly a result of their positive properties – but they don’t exactly stand out in terms of beauty. 

Here are a few ways you can spice up the outside of your house. It is worthwhile contracting a builder for more complex jobs: nothing looks worse than a lopsided DIY balcony! 

Wooden adornment

Wood is a timeless building material. There is evidence that homes were built with wood up to 10,000 years ago. Wood is as varied in texture and colour as it is useful and beautiful. Modern homes in the United Kingdom are rarely built with wood. Adding bespoke garage doors, external cladding or window frames made from a kind of wood complementary to your existing home exterior is a great way to add a bit of timeless class to your abode. 

Romantic Balconies

Perhaps influenced by association with the most famous scene in Shakespeare’s masterpiece Romeo And Juliet , balconies exude a romantic and elegant atmosphere. The inspiration for Juliet’s balcony came from a real house in the city of Verona, where the famous play is set. 

While it might not be possible to install a medieval style stone balcony onto your home, a wooden or iron balcony can be a great centrepiece to your home’s façade. Be aware that balconies out onto the street will need planning permission and professional installation. 

Atmospheric Lighting

Lighting can completely change the feel of a home’s exterior. The addition of festoon lights to external structures can give a warm, dare we say it tropical feeling to the outside of a house at night. 

Smart lighting systems are increasingly popular for outdoor use. These systems have multiple colour and brightness settings that can be controlled from telephone apps and voice control pods like Amazon’s Alexa. 

Get the Paint Out

There is no more established way of beautifying a house than by painting it. Bright, cheerful colours can make your house really stand out from the rest on the street. If you live on a terrace then this is likely to have a really extreme effect. Whole streets have been given beautiful rainbow makeovers by homeowners after one person or family has taken the plunge and brightened up their home with a lick of yellow or pink paint. 

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