From Debut to Lover: THESE are the Taylor Swift era’s that are most on-trend

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  • With the UK leg of The Eras Tour fast approaching, now’s the time to plan your outfit – and make sure you don’t make a fashion faux pas 
  • Fashion experts at Boohoo have analysed upcoming fashion fits and used Pinterest data to see the trends YOU are searching for 
  • It’s good news for Lover fans, as fringed clothing is in, while pastels have soared in popularity over the last year  
  • The fashion expert also stresses the importance of prioritising comfort and safety alongside aesthetics during the three-hour set 

Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated UK stint of The Eras Tour is getting closer, and many fans will be looking to lock in their album-inspired look in the next few weeks. 

According to experts at Boohoo, some of Taylor’s album eras are much more on-trend this year and fashion experts expect to see a crossover from fashion week to the concert arena.  

The analysis looked at the most popular items on the runway this year and analysed each album’s aesthetic against the emerging trends. It also considered Pinterest searches for outfit elements related to each, to identify increases in interest.  

Speaking on the tour, experts from Boohoo said: “Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour is one of the biggest events happening in the UK this year, and there’s a high expectation for fans to wear statement outfits to pay tribute to their favourite album as the tour really emphasises the importance of aesthetics, ambience, and style.  

“However, it’s worth considering which of the eras best encapsulates current trends and outfit aspirations, as many fans will be looking to not only pay tribute to the singer’s works, but also look good generally. And while you can’t really go that wrong when dressing for a concert, some albums are much more on-trend than others.” 

For those looking to draw inspiration from the findings, the expert identifies what’s so appealing about the trendiest eras: Reputation, Lover, Midnights, and Debut. 


With rumours swirling that Reputation will be Swift’s next re-release under her own label, fans are looking to embrace the aesthetic now more than ever. 

The Reputation era marked a significant shift in Swift’s musical and stylistic direction, introducing a darker, edgier aesthetic that reflected her emotional journey and spoke to how she felt largely misunderstood and villainised by her peers.  

Understandably, the heart of Reputation fashion embraces boldness and defiance – a stark contrast to her earlier releases.  

Those looking to emulate the era this year should consider a high contrast body suit, or alternatively opt for hot pants, as these saw a huge 52% increase in Pinterest searches over the past year. Pair with knee-high or thigh-high boots, snake accessories and a bold red lip for the full effect. 


Lover marked a shift to a more romantic and whimsical aesthetic, highlighted by soft pastels, intricate frills, sparkling sequins, and delicate lace. It’s no surprise that it’s appealing right now, given the rise in interest in coquette fashion lately. 

And this rise isn’t just on the runways – Pinterest saw a 58% increase in searches for lace outfits and a 54% rise in floral print interest.  

Dressing in the Lover era’s style means embracing your inner romantic, softness, and femininity. To take chic to the next level consider adding bows to your hair, accessories or dress as bow aesthetic has seen a whopping 633% spike in Pinterest searches this year.  


Taylor’s Midnights tour outfits crossover into mob wife fashion – a trend that’s seen an enormous 1,300% increase in search interest this year. To capitalise on this trend, we suggest pairing a fur coat (93% rise in search interest) with a sequin dress. 

Another trend on the catwalk this year was ASMR – statement pieces that provide a sensory experience, blending the drama of glitz and glamour with the allure of ASMR. We want to hear your outfit so select statement pieces that not only draw attention visually but also make a pleasing swishing sound like Taylor’s beaded fringe dress. 

Taylor Swift Debut 

Taylor Swift’s foray into music – marked by her eponymous debut album (although overlooked in the setlist), is rooted in country aesthetics, a style that’s seeing a resurgence thanks to the likes of Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, and Kacey Musgraves.  

This revival is evident in the 43% surge in searches for cowboy boots and a 61% increase for cowboy hats, signalling a strong trend towards country-inspired fashion. It’s a great excuse to get your pair back out again if you bought them for Barbie.  

To finish, Boohoo’s experts said: “Swifties certainly shouldn’t base their outfit choices on what looks the most visually pleasing, but these findings do go some way to indicating what aspects of each era will be the easiest to procure on the high street, as items that have seen a surge in popularity will be naturally easier to find. 

“Whatever you wear to The Eras Tour this year, remember that it’s a long set – around three hours and 15 minutes – so you need to consider comfort as well as aesthetics. Bring a jacket in case you get cold, and make sure that your footwear is practical if you’re walking or using public transport to get home.” 


Pinterest Trends search data 

Term 2023 2024 Percentage change 
Cowboy boots 70 100 43% 
Cowboy outfit 49 97 98% 
Floral aesthetic 63 97 54% 
Silk dresses 86 100 16% 
Country dress 63 100 59% 
Sequin skirt 26 33 27% 
Cowgirl outfits 54 76 41% 
Lace outfit 59 93 58% 
Lace dress 91 94 3% 
Bow aesthetic 22 633% 
Bow dress 16 53 231% 
Short shorts 66 100 52% 
Sky blue 56 66 18% 
Snake aesthetic 64 80 25% 
Cowboy hat 61 98 61% 
Denim on denim 61 100 64% 
Moody aesthetic 39 56 44% 
Braids 69 100 45% 
Flannel shirt 42 46 10% 
Mob wife aesthetic 14 1,300% 
Fur coats 15 29 93% 

Search data was gathered from Pinterest Trends which provides annual search volume for key phrases and terms across the US.   

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