How To Feel Like Yourself After a Baby

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Having a baby is incredibly rewarding, however, it does turn your life upside down and makes you feel like a very different person for the first few months. You may find that your life has changed beyond recognition and when its time for you to start getting back to you again, you may be unsure of where to begin.

So, if you’re looking to get things back on track and feel ready to face the world again, here’s a few of our fail-safe ways to do this, such as:

Date Night

Keeping your relationship alive can be incredibly difficult, especially after the birth of your baby. Setting time aside once a week when your baby is being babysat can help keep your relationship on track can make you feel like yourself again. Before heading out for your date night, make sure you have given the babysitter the low down on when your baby needs to be fed and when nap time is. So long as they’re bundled up in comfy baby pajamas and you’ve left them with their favourite teddy to cuddle up with before you leave, things should run smoothly whilst you’re out enjoying yourself.

Taking up your hobbies again

Starting to get back to the things you love can seem daunting when you’ve had a baby and can feel like an alien concept. However, it is important to re-ignite your interests and get back into the things you did in your free time before becoming a mother. You can start to re-introduce your hobbies back into your life slowly, for example, online yoga whilst your baby is napping, or going to your book club when baby is staying at grandparents for the afternoon. You’ll soon get back into the groove and remember how much your hobbies mean to you.

Re-focus your relationships

Friends are a hugely important part of our lives and something which all of us need to keep a hold of. It can be tricky after the birth of your newborn to keep in touch with friends, so organising baby dates is a great way of meeting up whilst being able to make sure your baby stays in their routine with naps and feeds. You will also find that you make new friends as a mum, when you start joining baby groups to take them along to. Making new friends, as well as touching base with old ones is a sure-fire way to get back on track to feeling like yourself again.

Taking your time

Getting back to feeling like you again after a bay takes time and isn’t a processed which can be rushed. There are different ways you can slowly ease yourself back into the things you did before your little one came along. Don’t be scared to take time out for yourself and give yourself some well-deserved ‘me’ time. 

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