How Couples Rekindled Their Romance During the Past Year

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The last couple of years have been a trying time for many. A rising cost of living, coupled with a global pandemic and all of the difficulties it brought – furlough, working from home, shortages of essential goods and time apart from family – had many people feeling more adrift than ever before. But the pandemic also had a galvanising effect on many people, and specifically their love lives. With many couples young and old thrust into spending more time together than ever before, relationships have flourished in a whole new way – and as a recent report by European lingerie specialists Hunkermoller illustrates, romance has returned to many UK households in a big way.

Quality Time and Cups of Tea

The study, which surveyed more than 2000 people on their lockdown attitudes with regard to romance and sex, found that nearly half (47%) of all respondents had rekindled the romance with their partner through an increase in quality time spent together. One in three of those surveyed also reported that making more cups of tea for each other, as well as cooking each other meals, were key to helping them rediscover their spark.

Working Together

The lockdown period naturally had working couples working alongside each other from home day-to-day – but other kinds of collaboration also served to improve the romantic mood in their relationship. A quarter of respondents to the survey said that helping out with household chores allowed them to get closer to their partner, while one in five attributed playing games together to enhancing their romance.

The Raunchy Side

These developments in romantic feelings had a knock-on effect in the bedroom, with more than 9 million Brits enjoying a more active sex life than usual in the past year. Nearly 8 million people have invested in sexy underwear in the last year, and one in ten admitted their sex life had gotten more adventurous since lockdowns began. Men, surprisingly, were more likely to purchase underwear sets than women, with 20% of male respondents admitting to investing in their bedroom attire.

Tips for Rekindling Your Spark

With life returning more or less to normal following the rigours of the pandemic, all manner of activities are once again available for couples to engage in together. If you’re feeling like things have gotten a little dull between you and your partner, don’t be afraid to book a short trip away – whether a city break somewhere you’ve never been before, or a rural cottage to take in the countryside air. To get things cooking at home again, try to be more present for each other – use the survey’s results for ideas. Maybe you could cook more together, and get more intimate with each other in the process. Alternatively, dust off the board games and have a quiet, dedicated night in with a glass of wine and each other.

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