How to Move Forward in a Relationship

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Some people are happy to allow their relationship to develop over time naturally, while others are keen to set milestones to keep their relationship moving forward. The former may not be for you if you’re hoping to keep progressing in the near future, but of course, you should always be open with your partner so that you’re both on the same page about where you wish to be in life.  

In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the key tips to take on board that may make for a much healthier relationship with your other half and keep things moving forward. 

  • Slow down

Although it may seem like the opposite of what you want, slowing down your relationship could actually be the anchor to helping you both move forward. Making impulsive decisions may appear over-eager or constantly questioning each other’s motives could become a hindrance and cut the relationship short. If you wish for a relationship to last for the long-term, take things day by day rather than thinking too far ahead. You’ll only put stress on the relationship and each other, which isn’t healthy at all.

  • Maintain your own identity

While you may wish to fit in with what your other half is expecting from you, always ensure you remain true to yourself and maintain your own identity. There is nothing unhealthier in a relationship than being forced to become someone you’re not for the sake of the other person. For example, if your boyfriend is a huge football fan, but you have no interest, don’t pretend to become a huge fan just to keep them sweet. Doing this is not only draining but prevents you from enjoying life to the best of your ability. If they truly love you, they’ll accept the differences and won’t force you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

  • Think about whether it’s time to move in together

If you have been seeing your partner for quite a while and believe you are compatible, it may be time to consider moving in with one another. This steppingstone will truly allow you to understand whether or not you are able to be in one another’s company on a 24-hour basis and is often the make-or-break of any relationship. Finding the right home in the right location for both of you is essential if you wish to make the relationship work, so it would be wise to browse potential properties on a trusted estate agent website such as, which matches your requirements.

  • Understand why you’re arguing

When you get into arguments with your partner, understand the reason why they may have started. On the whole, disputes are often caused by our own irrational fears or irritations, which we then take out on our other half, but this can start to become unhealthy if this occurs constantly. Think about why you may be angry and chat calmly with your partner about your feelings. This will allow you to come to a more rational conclusion and prevent disputes over minor situations.

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