3 Consequences of Delaying Your Divorce

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Getting divorced involves balancing a number of unique responsibilities. There are so many decisions that need to be made in such a short period of time that it can be tempting to postpone proceedings until you feel more ready to tackle the minutiae involved in a separation.

However, although some delays are commonplace and out of your hands, there is no denying that putting your divorce on hold can stand in the way of a new beginning. So, if you are considering putting your split on ice, let us discover 3 consequences of delaying your divorce that might dissuade you from making a decision that you could later regret.

It Is Harder to Move On

Any delays in your divorce proceedings can seriously derail the first few steps of your new life. For example, if you want to buy a new property, but your assets have not yet been divided, there is a chance that you could miss out on securing a new home and a fresh start. This can also be particularly difficult if you are relying on funds from the sale of your marital home. To avoid all such possibilities, you should get in touch with a divorce lawyer or check their website to know how they can help you settle your case.

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Furthermore, sometimes people that have been living separately from their ex-partner move on to new relationships and often go so far as to get engaged without first finalizing their divorce. It is not uncommon for wedding plans to have to be called off because a divorce cannot be organized in time. It might seem intuitive, but from a legal perspective, it is best to hold off on planning any new marriages or weddings until divorce proceedings are well underway. 

Costs Can Spiral Out of Control

Generally speaking, the longer it takes to finalize a divorce, the more money the divorce is likely to cost. Although most family lawyers will agree to a fixed fee for your divorce, other elements, such as agreements over finances or any children involved in a marriage, are usually charged for based on a number of factors. Everything from the amount of time that you take to give your instructions, to negotiations with your ex-partner, to preparing paperwork, and even court appearances all cost money.

Moreover, the more that you can do to agree with your partner to avoid involving the courts, the less money you will need to pay to get your divorce finalized. Timing is a crucial element to take into consideration at every step of the divorce process. Accordingly, coming to an agreement with your ex-partner is usually the best way to speed up a divorce so that it does not take weeks or months to complete the process. When both sides are capable of reaching an understanding, and all financial assets are open and disclosed, divorce costs can be significantly reduced.

Your Health Might Suffer

No matter what the reason for any delays in your divorce proceedings, the impact of putting your plans on hold can be devastating. Going through a divorce is often a draining and emotional process and this can have negative consequences for your mental health and wellbeing. Understandably, for some people, getting through a divorce can be too much to cope with. Prolonging a divorce might seem like a way to postpone an inevitable split, but in reality, this can make the final blow much harder to deal with.

Children caught in the middle of divorce proceedings can also suffer if a divorce is not finalized in a clear and efficient manner. Some children even go through a sense of loss. Separation from a parent can mean they lose their home and their whole way of life and therefore it is crucial to establish a safe and loving environment for any children involved. Both parents have a massively important role to play in the lives of their children and therefore it is important that they are fit, healthy, and up to the task of being a caregiver.  

Ultimately, the unfortunate truth is that it is totally normal to expect some minor delays when getting a divorce. An error on a legal document, a dispute over the division of assets, or even a stubborn ex-partner can all slow down the process. Above all, by reaching out to an experienced family law expert, your divorce can be completed as efficiently and professionally as possible.For more helpful tips make sure to check out this article here about getting what you deserve from a divorce.

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