5 ideas for the perfect UK minimoon

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The preference for minimoons is on the rise, with more and more couples choosing to take short breaks after their weddings. There are tons of things that you can enjoy during your minimoon, including a postcard-perfect countryside, and stunning beaches or climbing a mountain. This, coupled with the fact that you do not have to venture very far, makes it easy to see why minimooning is one of the fastest-growing trends in the travel industry. 

Are you thinking of having a minimoon break in the UK? Here are 5 places that you should consider venturing. 

  • Minimoon in a castle

Do you want to treat yourself to a full royal experience during your minimoon? Why not take your better half on a slightly more unusual honeymoon and book a castle?!

For a great experience with all the drama ad extravagance, consider renting a castle in Scotland. Why should you take a minimoon break in Scotland? There are tons of activities that you can engage in for a fun-filled experience, including:

  • Sampling some of the culinary delights
  • An ultimate fairy-tale experience including exploring an enchanted forest in some castles such as the Atholl Palace
  • Romantic spa breaks
  • Exciting outdoor activities, including archery, Segway riding, and fishing.
  • Minimoon on a narrowboat

If you and your spouse enjoy water-related activities and are looking to connect with nature in a unique way, consider narrowboating. Take a canal trip around England and get to watch lots of wildlife along the way. There are plenty of canals that you can visit, such as some magnificent stretches of the Thames.

  • Minimoon cottage escape

Are you looking for a cosy home away from home? A cottage escape is an excellent idea. Relax in one of the many affordable and comfortable cottages in Cotswolds. Cotswolds will give you a countryside experience like no other. Talk about tons of greenery, romantic hillside sunsets, and numerous pet-friendly cottages if you’d like to bring along a furry friend. 

You’ll also get to enjoy quaint towns and small villages where you can take romantic evening walks with your significant other. 

  • Minimoon in the capital

If the busy capital does not bother you or you enjoy doing tons of shopping, a minimoon in the capital is perfect for you. People fly from all over the world to enjoy some the best luxury hotels in central London which can really make your stay extra special. There are tons of fun things to do in London, including sampling cuisines in the capital’s top restaurants, walking London’s historic streets, shopping, and visiting museums, and theatres.

  • Minimoon spa retreat in Devon

Devon is an easier, cheaper, and quicker option for minimooners. It is a two-hour train ride from London and is a quiet destination, even in the summer.

Planning a wedding can take a toll on your mental health and choosing to relax thereafter is really in your best interest. If you are after the utmost relaxation, you’ll find Devon quite exciting. 

Consider staying in a spa hotel where you can indulge in couple’s treatment. Also, choose a restaurant where you can have nice food and treatments in the Devon countryside. 

If you want to go on a short break before your honeymoon or your budget after the wedding does not fit a full honeymoon, how about you take a minimoon break in the destinations discussed in this article? Do not forget to consider your and your partner’s interests when choosing a minimoon destination. 

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