Budget-Friendly Wedding Ideas

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Weddings are never cheap. But, they can be on a budget. More so, if you are tying the knot in your twenties, with limited savings for the big day. Then, do you still have a student loan to pay? Are you starting your business? Or, are you in your initial mortgage payments? You need to keep your wedding budget in check. Then, how can you pull off a wedding to remember and still keep it frugal? Check out these budget-friendly ideas below: –

  • Save On The Wedding Location

Do you have a friend or a relative with a breathtaking backyard? Or does he live by the beach? Now is the time to borrow the space. A wedding location takes up most of the wedding budget. If you find ways to reduce or cut out this figure, then you will save some more. Hence, opt for an all-inclusive wedding package. Then, book the venue in the morning when there are fewer ceremonies.

  • Opt For A Buffet

Do you want to upgrade your wedding menu but are tight on a budget? Drop the al a carte catering service. Go for a buffet lunch or dinner outdoors instead. This way, you will reduce the number of catering staff on standby, cut the catering costs, and use the savings to add variety to the menu.  

  1. Seek Discounted Services

If you have a friend who is a wedding planner, ask him to plan your wedding, at a discount. Do you have a business associate who runs a holiday suite? Consider having your honeymoon or wedding reception there. Now is the time to think of all those persons who can offer your services at a discount. Then, shop for all your essentials at renowned wedding shops like Groomsshop. Here you will find crazy deals that will help you keep your spending in check.  More so, prepay your suppliers and demand the stated discounted rates as per the contract.

  • Ditch the Traditions

Did you know that it is cheaper to get married on a weekday, in January? This time is a typical off-peak wedding period when there is less demand for wedding venues, entourages, and performances. Hence, you’ll get the best photographer, caterer, and site at a discounted rate, with no prior bookings. Think of having your wedding in those times and places that are not typical wedding favorites.

  1. Cut the Cake Early

Are you paying your videographer for extra hours to wait for the cake cutting session? Then, change these norms and save on costs. Cut the cake right after you arrive at the reception. That way, you can release your videographer much early to attend another ceremony. In turn, you will save hundreds of dollars as waiting charges.

  • Invite Fewer Guests

Sit down with your wedding planner and decide on the most number of guests that your budget can support. Ideally, wedding costs have a fixed price and a variable bit. Cut on as much variable costs as possible by minimizing your guest list.

When you want to cut on costs for your wedding day, you don’t have to compromise the fun in the process. Simple things like leasing a wedding gown instead of buying one. Or, using the reception area for your photo session can save you lots of money and still pull off a grand wedding. Then, start planning early.

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