How to Still Go Ahead with a Wedding During Lockdown

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With COVID-19 disrupting the world, bringing whole economies to their knees and causing life as we know it to be turned entirely on its head. If you were planning on getting married within the next couple of months, then you may feel you have little option but to cancel, as the perfect wedding venue that you picked out is almost certainly closed. Nobody is going to judge you for making this call, but there are other options to still go ahead if you are determined. You can hold a wedding ceremony; it is just going to be a very different one than you planned.

Get Refunds Where Possible

Weddings are costly, everyone knows this, so it’s essential to check with all your suppliers and providers and ask if they can offer you a refund of any sort? If they refuse then it’s important to check the terms and conditions of your contract, it’s most likely you didn’t read this in detail, none of us do. There may be a refund clause if the event is canceled and not at your request.

Check Your Insurance

If you were prepared enough to take out wedding insurance, then you should check if the cancellation is covered. There are reports that insurers are saying that their policies do not cover acts of government, but this has not been tested extensively in claims yet, and you should check the wording of your policy carefully.

Get Your Outfit Sorted

So, if you have sorted canceling the old ceremony and determined to go ahead with a new one, then we need to get the essentials arranged. You may have been expecting an outfit to arrive from a dressmaker that’s unable to work or send it to you. It may make sense to check with bridal shops near me as they may still be operating on a limited basis.

Arrange a Video Stream & Reception 

Clearly, you are going to be unable to have guests attend a physical ceremony, so you need to get creative as to how to allow your friends and relatives to see you tie the knot. You can easily set up a live video feed through YouTube or one of the other online services. The other part that could be cool would be to organize a virtual wedding reception, we’ve all heard of people having parties through Zoom, which was initially for web conferencing, so why not a wedding reception? Calling everyone at once may be overwhelming, but you could set up a ‘room’ for each table at the reception and pop in and out of each saying hello.

Check on Registration

You may find that a stumbling block may be getting the wedding formally registered. There are two aspects to this; you may not be able to get a celebrant to conduct the ceremony, and it could be difficult to register the marriage. If this is the case, then you could have an unofficial ceremony at home and then take care of the legal part later.

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