Outdoor Wedding Planning: Details You Shouldn’t Neglect

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An outdoor wedding is an enchanting dream for so many soon to be brides. There are so many ways that an outdoor wedding can be absolutely breathtaking. However, regardless of the romantic essence that an outdoor wedding can provide, you will need to pay great attention to detail when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding. Therefore, you should avoid neglecting the following details when planning your perfect outdoor wedding.

Selecting The Perfect Venue

The venue you opt for should be perfect according to your desires for the big day. Therefore, you should consider aspects such as space, outdoor layout, and indoor facilities such as bathrooms and others that you will need. It is usually best to opt for a venue designated for weddings, even if your wedding will be outdoors. This is simply because wedding venues are usually suitable for holding large parties and catering services among other services can be included in the venue’s packages. Wedding venues West Chester would be a great choice considering wedding packages are available and you will be able to compare an indoor wedding setting to the available outdoor option.

Weatherproofing Your Big Day

It would be quite disastrous if the weather was not on your side on your day, and this can happen right throughout the year. Therefore, you should focus some attention towards planning for the weather and weatherproofing your big day, while accommodating the possibility that the weather may not be on your side. You should include details such as opting for an outdoor venue that does offer an indoor alternative nearby. This will also allow your guests some time out of the sun even if you are blessed with a perfectly sunny wedding day weather.

Comfortable Seating

Even though the outdoor layout of the venue will generally dictate the number of seats you can include for the day, it is always best to rent a few extra seats just in case. What’s more, comfort is a commonly forgotten detail when it comes to planning outdoor weddings, which is why you should evaluate the comfort level of seating before rental. Your guests should be able to enjoy your outdoor wedding in comfort and not feel they must stand for the day. To enhance comfort, you could also consider including a few seats in a shaded area of the venue where your guests can be outside, although also out of the bright sun.


You may not have to include more than a bar at an indoor wedding, although, your guests will need to stay hydrated when enduring the outdoor elements. If you were previously considering a cash bar, you should allow free non-alcoholic drinks for your guests as this will also enhance their comfort level during your special day. 

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful and overwhelming with wedding photography worries, catering options, and endless colour coordination details to focus on. However, by creating a to-do list to ensure no tiny detail is forgotten, you will ultimately be able to breath easy knowing your big day will be as perfect as you are hoping for.

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