Global searches for cowboy fashion skyrocket as Beyoncé reveals country album Renaissance Act II

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Cowboy core looks to be making a reemergence in 2024 following the official announcement of Beyoncé’s new country album, Renaissance Act II.  

The fashion trend, which looks set to take over this spring, sees people don everyday Americana looks, complete with cowboy hats, cowboy boots, denim, leather jackets and more.  

Fashion experts at Boohoo revealed a massive spike of interest in the fashion trend after Beyoncé announced her new album and Kim Kardashian was spotted attending a Super Bowl party wearing a giant cowboy hat. Global Google searches for ‘cowboy hat’ skyrocketed by 212.5% following Beyoncé’s Super Bowl commercial, after which she dropped brand new music. Searches for ‘cowboy boots’ and ‘bolo tie’ also soared by 163% and 566%. 

Searches for ‘bolo tie’ explode by 566% 

During the Verizon commercial, Beyoncé was spotted wearing a turquoise bolo tie, causing searches for ‘bolo tie’ to shoot up by a huge 566%. 

An elegant fixture of country western fashion, a bolo tie is classically paired with a collared shirt for formal wear. Like Beyoncé, the necktie can be worn with a dress for a more elegant look, while those wishing to accessorize with an off-the-shoulder top can style their bolo tie like a choker. 

‘Cowboy hat’ searches rise by 212.5% 

A staple of cowboy core, cowboy hats have played a major part in many fashion trends, including the coastal cowgirl trend, which has taken TikTok by storm since last year.  

Styled with sundresses, denim, shirts, and more, cowboy hats are the perfect accessory for a spring event or even a summer festival. Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian were both spotted rocking cowboy hats over the Super Bowl weekend, with Google searches for the item rising by 212.5%. 

163% surge of interest in cowboy boots 

Cowboy boots look set to have their moment again as interest grows in the cowboy core aesthetic. From miniskirts to dresses and denim, cowboy boots can be worn casually or really make your outfit pop as the centerpiece.  

Women’s cowboy boots became particularly popular in 2023, as music fans opted for leather cowboy boots to complete their concert/festival look. They seem to be rising in interest again ahead of the spring and summer months, with Beyoncé’s country-inspired Super Bowl outfit sparking a 163% increase in searches for ‘cowboy boots’ worldwide. 

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