How to Help Your Clients Prepare For Fall in 2023

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With the changing season, if you are a stylist, you are likely to get a lot busier. Fall is nearly here, and whether your clients like it or not, it is time for them to pack away the flowing skirts, the low-cut tops, and the ballet pumps and break out the warmer, cozier clothes.  

With the season of falling leaves and pumpkin spice comes the simple fall wardrobe that many are seeking, and if your clients haven’t built theirs yet, they may come to you seeking advice. Therefore, it can be handy to develop a checklist of must-have fall items that will work for most of your clients. It won’t be expensive for them, and it will keep them feeling cozy and fresh on those breezy and damp days. 

Here are some great ideas to get you started. 

Beauty Basics

With the changing weather, dry and tight-feeling skin may become the norm, particularly for those with sensitive skin. It may not seem like the best time to suggest to your client changing up their skincare routine, but many women start to apply heavier moisturizers and Vitamin C-based creams come fall simply because the skin is more likely to look a bit, well, gray! Therefore, make the suggestion to them. To make it effortless for them to switch, look at getting hold of wholesale beauty products that you can throw in for free if a client spends so much, like lipstick and lip-gloss that are high in Vitamin E. Even waterproof mascara won’t go a miss either, as the last thing you want for your clients is runny eyes should they get caught in a shower.

So, help your clients get rid of the summer glow kit and up the skin protector moisturizers and oils! Great-looking, well-cared-for skin is never out of style, after all.

Choose 2 Base Coats

This season, it can be tricky to find the right coat, so help your clients out here. You don’t want them to be cracking out the winter coats, as these can make them feel a bit hot!

For most women, it is best to suggest two coats for the fall season; one is usually a shorter, slightly padded jacket, which can be made from leather or a wool blend. Pair them with an umbrella, and they will be ready to go! Next, a longer, thinner coat, usually with a waist tie, can be helpful, especially if it has a hood, as this will keep them dry but not sweating during drizzly days.

As for the colors? Well, in 2023, the core ones this season are the typical burgundies, terracotta, and, probably influenced heavily by the Barbie Movie, pale pink!

Knitted Is Always In!

Chances are that your clients already have a stash of knitted cardigans, skirts, or jumpers in their wardrobes. Tell them to dig them out! Knitted wool cardigans in deep fall colors like red, deep gray, cream, and deep orange are always attractive, and if they have patterns on them, like cabling, even better!

Of course, this time of year is also the best time to suggest that your clients invest in some turtlenecks, which will keep their necks warm and look very appealing. Depending on the look each client wants, or if the weather is a bit unpredictable, the best option with knitted jumpers and cardigans is that bigger or oversized is better. Tighter clothes tend to generate more heat. 

Boots and Skirts

Nothing says fall quite like skirts and knee-high or ankle-high boots! With the weather getting cooler, you will want to make sure that your client has skirts that are made of thicker materials, like wool, and that the tights are thermal. The best part of this look is the color combinations! A pair of knee-high brown boots with gray, thick tights and a deep red skirt would look fabulous and be practical. 

If your client is bold and daring, suggest that they get tights that have patterns on them to add an interesting look and some texture.


Fall is the best time of year to invest in some snazzy accessories, and for a wardrobe that is stylish and warm, the best options in 2023 include silk scarves and hats like an Ivy hat or a Trilby. In fact, in 2023, there has been an upsurge in hats in the fall wardrobe for men and women, probably influenced (again) by the Barbie movie for the ladies and by Ken’s wardrobe too! 

These accessories look best in deep colors for fall, and if your client is a fan of animal print, suggest animal-print scarves, earrings, and bags. 

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