4 Ways to Encourage Your Teenager to Have a Healthier Diet

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Getting your kids to do as their told can be an absolute nightmare. Often, it’s a mission bordering on the impossible as they’ll veer off their own way or simply do the complete opposite of what you’ve asked or told them to do.
It is for this reason why talking isn’t enough. You have to lead by example, the “do as I do, not as I say” approach. Being a positive role model can have a much more significant effect than any words you utter in their general direction.
It’s especially true when it comes to diet. If you want your teenager to have a healthy diet, then you need to lead by example. You can’t ban them from eating chocolate, only to then stuff your face with a bar every evening.
Here are four ways that you can encourage your teenager to have a healthier diet.

1. Eat meals as a family
You’ll probably highlight the importance of the traditional family meal as a time when you get to sit down and spend some quality time with each other. If that is the case, then make sure you are as good as your word by arranging such a meal on at least a weekly basis. A family meal not only gives you the chance to have some control over what your teenager is eating, but it also provides the opportunity to catch up and discover what is going on in their life by talking.

2. Don’t snack late at night
Snacking is the number one way that unhealthy foods enter our body. Some crisps here, a sugary drink there, it all adds up. Encourage your teenager to listen to their body as and when it is hungry, and only then do you eat. It’s a scientific fact that people tend to binge eat when they’re tired, so by stopping snacking between dinner time and bedtime, you can highlight that you only need to eat when you are hungry and for no other reason.

3. Avoid alcohol
Alcohol is a tricky one. You might implore to your kids the dangers of drinking, but the message won’t mean much if they then see you enjoying a glass of wine with every meal. Avoid drinking around your teenager so that they know that you take the problems that drinking can lead to seriously. If you think you’ll struggle not to have that glass of wine every night, then it might be a sign that you have a problem with alcohol, in which case you may want to learn more about alcohol addiction treatment.

4. Be thoughtful about your food choices
If you want your teenager to be thoughtful about what they are eating, then you need to be thoughtful yourself about what you are eating. Choosing foods that are both tasty and nutritious will show your teenager that food can be both good for you and enjoyable. It’s a valuable lesson for them to learn that can set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating ahead.

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