4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

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Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom from drab to fab? Are you ready to turn your plain old bathroom into one that looks more expensive, elegant, refined, and spa-like? Then continue reading for four ways that you can go about revamping your bathroom space without having to break the bank. It is probably easier than you think, and it can really be a fun process, especially if you allow your creativity to lead the way.

Add Heated Towel Rails

Have you ever stayed in a hotel or resort where the bathroom had luxurious heated towel rails? Wasn’t it great to step out of the shower and never feel chilly because you could grab a warm towel and wrap it around your body right away? Then why not add a heated towel rail for your towels or bathrobes to your own bathroom at home?


Check out companies like Warm Rooms, where you can find an array of options for heating your home’s many rooms, including your bathroom. This simple upgrade will instantly make your bathroom appear more expensive than it really is, and it is sure to impress your guests.

Stick with Light Colours

Throughout your bathroom, you want to stick with bright colours, particularly white, if you want it to look more open and more expensive.

You can contrast shades of white with other neutral hues, such as beige and browns, as well as add subtle pops of colour in the form of décor throughout the space, but just don’t overdo it with too much colour overall.

Choose a Mirror That Has Style


Rather than shopping for the typical bland mirror from your local hardware store, opt for a bathroom mirror that is lovely to look at and can double as a piece of art in the space. This will serve to bring some of your own personality in the room and you can also opt for more creative storage options rather than purchasing the typical medicine cabinet. When shopping for a beautiful mirror on a budget, keep in mind that there are plenty of DIY options, and you can also find affordable options at places like discount stores and flea markets.  Or, you can also opt for a mirror cut to size to fit in unusual shapes, giving a room a lot more character.

Get Organised

One of the simplest ways to instantly make your bathroom look more expensive is by organising it. Rather than leaving your products on the sink in a random pattern, strategically place them so they look like the personal care products that you find in a fancy hotel. For example, store your toothbrush in a tumbler, keep cotton in a cute box, and put soap in an elegant dish. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, try open shelving. And accessorise by adding fresh flowers and simple décor so it doesn’t look like you’re only displaying beauty products.

With these handy, surprisingly easy tips, you can transform any bathroom that looks old and bland into one that looks modern and expensive. So go ahead and have some fun as you renovate the space and truly make it your own spa retreat.

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