Using a Statement Rug to Revamp Your Living Room

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Interior design can be very tricky — colour schemes, furniture, and accessories must all be chosen carefully in order to make the most of your space. The strategic placing of a statement rug inside your living room can have a number of effects: it can make the room look warmer, richer with colour, or even larger!

The lovely folks at Land of Rugs have provided this handy guide for revamping your living room using a statement rug. The living room is the most important room in the house — it is where you spend the brunt of your leisure time, and where house guests will gather, quietly judging your sense of style. It is important to make sure that it is designed impeccably, incorporating the fundamental rules of interior design, while still remaining true to your own personal taste!


One of the most common mistakes when choosing a rug is to purchase one that is too small for your room. If your furniture is centred around a coffee table, the temptation is to buy a rug that perimeters the table, but nothing else. This will add nothing to your room, as those enjoying your furniture won’t feel the benefit of a lush rug beneath their feet. In effect, it excludes the furniture from the central point of your living room, which can make your room seem colder. Purchase a rug that is large enough for all of your furniture to sit upon — even if it is just the front legs. Your space will feel much more intimate this way.

Agra-Twist-Beige Squiggle-Green


While it goes without saying that the colour of your rug must follow the colour scheme of you room, do not simply buy a tone that is the average of your lightest and darkest colours. A true statement rug will be eye-catching, and will allow you to incorporate a striking pattern into your room’s décor that would be too overwhelming on your walls or furniture. Use of a striking pattern adds originality, and gives you more scope to enforce your own theme in the room.

Gio-Multi HA14-1A


Partitioning a room can make it look much bigger, and also enables you to have two individual themes inside one colour scheme, which adds character to the room. In larger spaces, a rug can be placed tactically to split up the room. If your home has a combined living room and dining room, try placing a large rug underneath the dining area, encompassing the table and chairs — be sure to leave enough room for your chairs to be pulled out without their legs coming off the rug.

A rug is not just something nice and soft for your cat to curl up on: it can act as the very staple of a room’s décor. An ill-placed or poorly coordinated rug can ruin a room, but when used in a calculated fashion, it can make it look classy and homely. Be sure to make a genuine statement with your statement rug.

Loriana-Charcoal Camden-Ivory-Multi

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