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oners have a wide variety of uses – from exfoliating, hydrating, mopping up any makeup your cleanser missed, tightening pores, freshening up your skin and brightening your complexion – ignore the toning step at your peril!  I found my skin improved vastly with the introduction of a toner – less clogged pores and brighter, more radiant skin.  Here’s my top picks from the wide array of toners out there.  Try and buy one that’s not a clarifying toner – unless you have pretty oily skin it will just dry it out – these comforting toners will do the same job without the astringent feel.


MÁDARA Deep Comfort Toner for dry to very dry skin (200ml) 


MÁDARA’s deep comfort toner (RRP £12) gently cleanses skin without drying your skin out. In general, toners can often be fairly drying and can strip the skin of its natural oils upsetting the natural balance of the skin and potentially irritating skin as a result.  MÁDARA deep comfort facial toner deeply tones, softens and eases tight dry skin and helps to regulates the natural ph level of your skin and the toner also enhances the absorption of your moisturiser. Made from 100% natural ingredients which includes rose, camomile and glycerine.

*This is a lovely fresh and soft toner with a gentle application, you can’t feel any tightening at all – it’s a top pick for anyone looking to use a toner!  A beautifully balanced, soft and gentle cleanser – if you’ve only ever used a clarifying toner – do try this one – you’ll feel a huge difference – as if your skin is having a lovely fresh drink*


Ark Hydrating Toner 125ml 

Ark Hydrating Toner

Hydrating Toner from Ark. Adds moisture to dull, dehydrated or dull skin with a fine light mist. Help refresh and revitalise your complexion in winter and get a great cooling effect in hot weather.

QVC Price £17.50 Stockist: qvcuk.com


Gentle Tone – Green People – 50ml £9.95

Green People Gentle Toner

Contains ground breaking active anti-ageing ingredients Caesalpinia spinosa & Enteromorpha compressa, these ingredients combined are proven to reduce wrinkles (by over 7%), increase long-term firming and toning of the skin and to double the skins natural collagen production.

*This one is in a gel format and very cool to the skin, great for holidays, after the gym to cool down and freshen up as well as tightening those pores.  I’ve not been using it long enough to test the claims above in terms of wrinkle reduction but I will certainly keep you updated.  If you can’t wait that long – try one for yourself!*

Organic Sea Buckthorn Skin Toner 100ml – Price £17.99

Organic Sea Buckthorn Toner

This organic formula soothes and refreshes, without drying, when cleansing the skin. It works to banish impurities and excess sebum while guarding against dehydration. Skin is left soft and supple. Application: Apply twice daily after cleansing using cotton wool; ensure that you use the toner all over the face, including the area under the chin, neckline and hairline.

*I loved this one too – it has a very luxurious feel about it – you can almost tell it has some superior ingredients.  It’s great for ensuring you’ve swept away all your makeup, getting into the little bits you’ve left in your pores but also for brightening your skin – I always look fresh as as daisy after using this.  Not one for the gym bag though – it’s in a pure glass bottle*


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