5 Signs Your Drinking May Be Spiralling Out of Control

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Alcohol and drug addiction is an issue that many people associate with men. However, female drug addicts and alcoholics are extremely common too. Unfortunately, regardless of your gender, alcoholism often stems from recreational drinking. While you might think that the occasional drinking binge on a night out with friends is relatively harmless, it could turn into a full-blown problem before you know it. Here are the main signs that your drinking is starting to spiral out of control. 

Lying or down-playing how much alcohol you consume 

Lying about your alcohol consumption is the first indication that something might be amiss. Whether you are lying to your spouse about how many cocktails you had or trying to convince your mother that you didn’t drink at all the night before, it is a good sign that you are aware of the fact that your alcohol consumption has become too regular or that you are consuming much more than is healthy.  

Adopting alcohol as a coping mechanism 

Drinking in excess used to only form a part of your evenings out, but it is now becoming a crutch for dealing with strong emotions. If you find yourself reaching for the bottle when you are feeling stressed, angry, or sad, it may be a sign that you are becoming dependent on alcohol to deal with your problems. 

Being unable to stop when you start 

You tell your loved ones that you’re only heading out for one drink with your friends, but that drink always seems to turn into several no matter how hard you try to stick to your resolve. An inability to moderate how many drinks you consume in one sitting may be a sign of alcohol addiction. This is also true if you endeavour not to drink at all one day, but simply can’t follow through and end up binge drinking regardless. 

Trying and failing to quit 

Upon realising that you might have a problem, you are likely to try to solve it yourself by giving up drinking altogether. If you have tried to do this and failed, it is essential that you seek help. Anyone who cannot give up drinking at least for a short-term period of a few weeks is likely to be dependent on the substance. 

Treatment options 

The best possible thing that you can do if you suspect an addiction and would like to kick the habit for good is to go to a rehab centre. Those living in the USA are encouraged to visit the Top Rehab net Unitedhealthcare page, while those in the UK will have the option to choose between private and free rehab clinics. Note that private rehab clinics boast the highest success rates. 

It is recommended that you join community-based services like Alcoholics Anonymous before, during, and after having received treatment for your addiction. These groups provide unrivalled support for alcoholics on the road to recovery and are sure to help streamline your journey as much as it is possible to do so.

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