5 Small Ways To Treat Yourself This Summer

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The sun is shining, temperatures are finally soaring and we are donning our pretty floral dresses with shades and a straw hat – which can only mean one thing, summer is finally here!

To celebrate, here are five small ways to treat yourself over the coming months:

Subscribe to a magazine

You are likely to spend a lot of time lying out in the sun – either in your garden, on the beach or by a pool. So, why not get a magazine subscription to your favourite title and give yourself plenty of reading material? There are a variety of titles, so you can choose from the likes of LOOK, Marie Claire, Now, Woman & Home – whatever sparks your interest. Then when it lands on your doorstep, you have an excuse to get out in the sun – plus you will get summer hints and tips from its pages, at the same time.

Have a beauty treatment

Whether you are heading off abroad for your holiday or just want to complete the look when you throw on a summer dress for all those BBQs you are likely to be attending – what you need is a beauty treatment. This could be a new haircut – perhaps one that will keep you a bit cooler in the heat, a manicure and/or pedicure in a pretty pastel colour, or how about waxing those legs that have been overgrown under trousers for the winter months, but will now be on show for the summer?

Take a day off

This could be from work, chores – or both – and just spend the day enjoying the sun. We don’t get an awful lot of it, so treat yourself to a full day in it. This doesn’t have to be costly either – you could head to the beach for the day, spend it reading a good book with an ice cold drink in the garden or gather your friends together for a picnic and games in the park. If you don’t enjoy the sun or simply want to cool down why not go swimming, take a trip to the ‘Ice Bar’ or meet friends at the local ice cream parlour?

Make up a batch of summer cocktails

What better time to drink cocktails than in the garden while you are making the most of the sun, either sunbathing or enjoying a BBQ with friends. There are plenty of summer recipes to choose from – why not work your way through them – you might find a new favourite! Check out these recipes from Jamie Oliver that include the likes of Blue Hawaiian, Watermelon Glory, White Peach Cordial and Passion Fruit Caipirinha – delicious!

Update your summer wardrobe

Each summer, new items come into fashion – so choose your favourite new style and update your wardrobe with it. Take some inspiration from the pages of your fashion magazines – look at what the celebrities are wearing, perhaps, and what is new in store. You don’t even have to go to the shops because no one wants to be crammed into a changing room, trying to squeeze into a dress, when it is so hot outside. Simply order them online – you can shop from the garden and always send back anything that doesn’t fit.

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