5 Stress-relieving Hobbies for Women to Relax and Enjoy Life

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They say you need to keep a journal, meditate, rub your feet over a golf ball, try yoga, and get enough sleep to relieve stress. But did you know that there are other exciting ways to ease your stress and achieve optimum physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing?

Rather than relieve stress by engaging in boring or difficult activities, you can achieve the same result by doing things you love to do. There are common day-to-day habits that boast of stress-relieving benefits. Knowing these habits and engaging in them will offer you an enjoyable way to ease your stress and enjoy life.

1.    Gardening

Some women see gardening as a hectic and time-consuming task, so they often employ gardeners to care for their garden. Even if you decide to hire a gardener to maintain your garden, we suggest that you spend time carrying out simple gardening tasks.

Engaging in little gardening tasks like pruning, weeding, or watering can help relieve stress. And this is because when gardening, your brains are pleasantly engaged with nature, diverting your attention away from problems and your stress, thus refreshing your mind and reducing negative feelings. 

2. Explore Photography

Nothing beats the feeling associated with capturing a cherished or memorable moment with a little handheld gadget. The excitement, satisfaction, and dopamine rush that comes with taking a beautiful picture of your friend, family, or nature can help ease your stress.

So, whenever you feel a little stressed out, you can grab your camera or phone and take a few shots of nature, your pet, or a loved one to ease your stress.

3. Try Quilting

Quilting is another way to alleviate your stress and relax. It involves sewing two or more pieces of fabric together to make a thicker padded material.

In addition to helping you relax, hone your creativity, and boost your self-expression and social interaction, quilting can also help you create amazing gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t know how to quilt? No problem! You can enroll in modern quilting courses to hone your quilting skills. The classes are held online. So you can watch them from the comfort of your home.

4. Keeping an Aquarium

Do you have an aquarium? If you don’t, you may want to consider owning one. Having an aquarium can add life and beauty to your interior space. But, surprisingly, its benefits go beyond aesthetics. Aside from adding beauty and elegance to your home—the type that makes visitors jealous—aquariums boast many health benefits. Keeping an aquarium can help:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Reduce blood pressure and heart rate
  • Reduce pain and anxiety
  • Boost focus and creativity
  • Calm children and Alzheimer’s patients

Stationing an aquarium in your sitting room, parlor, etc., wouldn’t magically relieve your stress or anxiety. You’ll have to decorate it with the necessary rock and plants and watch the fishes swim to experience significant results.

5. Music

Music remains the go-to stress-reliever for several individuals. You don’t necessarily have to tuck those ear pods in your ear and play relaxing songs like Jane by Maroon or a day without rain by Enya to relieve your stress. You can also tap from the stress-relieving benefits of music by creating your own music.

Creating music is a powerful stress-relieving hobby. Once you tap your fingers on the keyboard keys or guitar strings, your attention gets diverted, and your creativity blossoms leading to a dopamine rush.


Eating healthy, engaging in exercises, practicing yoga, getting enough sleep, and keeping a journal are sure ways to relieve stress. However, if you want to add fun to the process, consider the stress-relieving habits above. These habits—which some of us engage in—can offer you an easy and exciting way to ease your stress, relax, and enjoy life as a woman. 

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