5 things not to overlook when contemplating a ‘man and van’ service

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If you are preparing to move into a new home, there’s a definite worth to hiring a ‘man and van’ service. You might be convinced that you wouldn’t struggle to move your own items, especially if your current residence is a small house or flat – but you could be very mistaken on that point.

With the right van removal service, you can ensure that your possessions are transported safely and in one piece – especially if you follow these tips to reach your decision…
Whether the van will genuinely come with a driver

When looking for a ‘man and van’ service, the ‘man’ is a crucial part of the equation. It’s important not to confuse ‘man and van’ with a more standard ‘van hire’ service, whereby you would simply borrow a van to drive yourself. However, would forgoing a driver really be ill-advised?

No, not necessarily – but Which? does not recommend you do so for a house with more than two bedrooms. If this describes the home to which you will move, seek a ‘man and van’ offering.

Whether you will be able to help with the packing
How can you discern that a particular removal firm meets the grade? One positive sign would be if the company explains its charges and potential ways of cutting the cost.
Many companies go as far as offering a discount for customers who fetch their own packing materials and also do some of the packing. You could even find yourself in a position where you can pack everything before the service provider arrives.

The worth of sourcing at least three quotes
It is recommended that, rather than just settle for the first quote you get, you insist on receiving at least three quotes. This would allow you to compare them to find the best deal – and, fortunately, unearthing a wide array of ‘man and van’ quotes isn’t as time-consuming as you might expect.
You can even do it for free simply by visiting the website of Compare the Man and Van and filling in the text fields provided at the top of the homepage before clicking “SHOW QUOTES”.

The items that will be transported
Some of your items might need to be treated in a special way to ensure that they aren’t damaged in transit. This can be the case with – to list a few examples – pictures and antiques which require special packing, as well as items which are usually hard to move, like pianos.
However, you can send the removals provider a briefing sheet that lists such items in your instance.

The specific type of van that you will need
Another reason to carefully consider what will be packed is that this will have implications for which van should be chosen for transporting them.
Look, for example, at the typical giant Luton van load specifications on the Compare the Man and Van website. As you can see, the Luton van is primed for carrying bulky objects like furniture and crates.

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