Taking the Work out of Redecorating

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For many women, there is little in life that rivals the thrill of redecorating. Easier than moving — and much less expensive — redecorating allows you to alter your environment to suit your current needs and wants. Because changing the look and feel of your surroundings can literally change your attitude, redecorating is often a necessary exercise for health and comfort.

However, redecorating can be hard work. Not only does redecorating typically require dragging heavy furniture around (or out of and into) your home, it can entail tearing down walls, erecting new structures, painting, hanging and plenty of walking around design stores. If you don’t have the energy to redecorate but desperately need a change of scenery, here are a few ways to reduce the workload and get the new look you’re looking for.

Search the Web

The first step of redecorating is always searching for inspiration, but instead of wasting time and energy trolling through furniture and design shops, you can turn to the web. The internet is bursting with sources of inspiration and information, so you can learn about the latest and greatest trends, investigate forecasts of styles to come, understand how to create the best design for your spaces and even buy elements of your design online.

Indeed, online retailers have recognized a need for more approachable (and more affordable) furniture and décor, and they have answered the call admirably. Here are a few of the best places to find redecorating elements on the web:

  • Wayfair. The OG online décor hub, Wayfair has everything from major pieces of furniture to tableware to teeny-tiny decorative doo-dads.
  • All Modern. A division of Wayfair, All Modern primarily offers furniture, but as the name implies, it is all quite modern in look.
  • Article. A relatively new online-only furniture store, Article offers minimal and Scandinavian design for good prices.
  • Apt2B. Designed for user-friendliness, Apt2B helps further reduce your workload by making it easy to find the furniture you want and check out.
  • Bob’s Discount Furniture. This shop is perfect if you are redecorating on a budget. Through some kind of magic, Bob offers high-quality furniture at bargain prices.

Hire Professionals

Too many redecorators mistakenly assume that professionals add unnecessary expense to their endeavor. The truth is that you will be spending time and energy changing wall colors, laying tile, assembling furniture and the rest; is that time and effort worth more to you than the cost of a professional? Additionally, you should weigh the finish you can produce against the quality and guarantee that professionals are likely to offer. Ultimately, if you don’t want to bother with the work, you would do better to bring in the experts.

Contractors aren’t the only types of professionals who can assist in your remodel. You should also consider paying for furniture delivery and assembly services, especially in places like New Jersey or San Francisco where streets are narrow and homes multi-storied. If ever you lack a tool for a certain task, or you aren’t certain how to accomplish the look you’re after, you should consult a professional and use their expertise.

Use What You Got

Though redecorating can bring certain benefits, it isn’t wise to engage in redecorating efforts often, especially if they require remodeling your home. You aren’t likely to recoup all the costs of a remodel, even in valuable spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, so the expense of redecorating is only worthwhile when you can keep your budget low.

The best way to do that — and to reduce your workload, to boot — is to use the decorative elements extant in your space. You can rearrange your furniture for free, and it can have noticeable effects on your psyche. Then, you can swap out details of your design, such as decorative throw pillows or picture frames, to make small but perceptible tweaks to the look and feel of your space.

You shouldn’t be afraid to ask others for input on your designs. The more people involved in any project, the less work any one person is forced to take on. Plus, your loved ones will not only be able to provide useful feedback, but they will also be more than willing to praise you for your effort and enjoy the fruits of your labor alongside you.

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