5 Tips: How You Can Go to Work Looking Stylish

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A lot of companies frown upon certain dress codes and generally like employees to wear smart clothes that are pretty boring to say the least. There’s nothing wrong with going to work dressed smartly with a bit of pride in the way you look, and it’s easy to do as well, so long as you still meet company policy and you are responsible.

Whether you work in a professional environment as a marriage counsellor or a school counsellor at your local school, you can still follow company policy easily but at the same time, feel good about the way you dress. If you are a woman working in an office role that requires you to wear a shirt and trousers or skirt, but you are fed up with the boring look, have a look at some of the following tips that will help you add a bit of style to your fashion sense.

1. Don’t Wear Anything Black

You may already go to work wearing a black skirt, black tights, and possibly a black shirt with black high heels, but there isn’t anything wrong with going with a light grey pin stripe skirt, a white shirt, and a nice pair of red high heels to go with it. This will mean you are still following dress code, but you are brightening up your fashion sense with the red high heels alone, which will really compliment the light clothing you are wearing.

2. Pinstripe Clothing Could Be the Way Forward

A lot of people go to work dressed in basic colours, and that is completely fine, but adding the pinstripe element to just your trousers or skirt could be the most simple and stylish way to add a bit of fashion sense to your day.

3. Add a New Bag to Your Collection

If you are going to work carrying a boring backpack or a simple black handbag, why not dip into the market for a stylish handbag that will make all the difference, leaving you looking like the most stylish colleague instead of the one with no fashion sense. It’s the simple elements of fashion that really make the difference.

4. Is a Jumpsuit Easy to Sneak Into The Workplace?

It is now, because with the simple addition of a blazer over the top, it will really make it look like you are wearing normal trousers and a shirt underneath. Really, though, people will just see you are being cheeky with a new jumpsuit underneath.

5. Inject Much Needed Colour Into Your Look

Even if your shirt and skirt is a boring, bland colour, you could easily spruce up your whole outfit by simply adding an item of clothing with a bit of colour. Not only will you be able to follow the company dress code doing this, but you’ll also look fashionable and your other colleagues will envy you.

The above fashion tips will help give you the much stylish look you need when entering a workplace that doesn’t tolerate fashion in any sense of the word.


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