5 top tips for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party

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As we count down the last few weeks of 2019, you might not have thought too hard about how you will usher in 2020. After all, even just preparing for Christmas is probably keeping you more than busy enough – but there are good reasons not to deem your New Year’s Eve shindig an afterthought.

It’s been said that how you start the first day of a new year defines how the rest of that year will shape up for you, so why not consider the following ideas for starting 2020 in exciting fashion? 

Put together a custom invite

How will you break the news about your upcoming party? You probably shouldn’t do it through the send-to-all function on your list of contacts or by setting up a Facebook event page. Try something more imaginative, such as sending out print invitations of your own design. 

And don’t worry if you’re not the artistic type; Good Housekeeping shows how throwing together your own design of invite can be surprisingly quick and easy.  

Build an eye-catching backdrop

You want the guests to be eagerly sharing photos on social media of the big event as it nears its close, right? In that case, make the background instantly Instagram-able, such as by decking it in silver for a frothy, disco atmosphere. Some celestial balloons can help to complete the look.

Alternatively, you could go the whole hog with balloons by covering it in holographic styles. House Beautiful shows how it can work and save you having to set up a photo booth. 

Make it especially easy for guests to enjoy champagne 

Champagne is undoubtedly a staple of New Year’s Eve parties, and you can help the attendees to enjoy a tipple whenever they fancy during the night. Consider, for example, setting up a champagne bar where guests can get their glasses refilled. 

Those glasses could be sparkly plastic flutes instead of the usual red Solo cups – and, if you give your loved ones champagne gifts for Christmas, they might have enough of that drink left over by NYE. 

Have a bar cart? Make it look good

Whether you’re putting champagne or any other type of drink in that cart, you want it to look inviting. To that end, you could choose one in a chic silver colour or consider how the contained drinks could inspire the style of the cart itself. 

Let’s assume that you and your friends are yearning for summer and fun on the beach. Therefore, a tropical-themed sangria bar – and bar cart – could be a real winner with your guests.

Do something for good luck

Here, you could take inspiration from customs from around the world. Good Housekeeping lists several good examples of these customs, including wearing red underwear to benefit your love life or, as the Puerto Ricans do, throwing water out through the window to repel evil spirits. 

Oh, and don’t forget to decide on your New Year’s resolution, of course, to help set yourself up for a happy 2020.

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