7 Gift Ideas for History Lovers

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Some people are really easy to buy gifts for, especially the ones who are happy enough with any generic present that you could pick up from a store. However, while there are people who are content to receive clothes, bath sets, and chocolate as a present for a special occasion, there are a certain few people who prefer gifts that are more specific to their own personal interests and hobbies. 

In particular, you might find people with very niche interests, such as history lovers, challenging to purchase gifts for if you aren’t well versed in their interests yourself. So, to help you out, here are some ideas on presents for history lovers that are bound to be well received. 

Topical books

While you might not necessarily be well researched on such a specific topic of interest, it is likely that any history lover would enjoy the opportunity to stock up new resources for knowledge. Books, whether fiction or non-fiction, are a great way to show someone that you want to help them further their interests and support their hobby without having to do too much individual research into the topic yourself. 

Related subscriptions

If there is a certain publication that the person you are buying a gift for is interested in, then perhaps you might consider purchasing a few months’ worths of the subscription for them; for example, there might be a magazine, newspaper or journal that would be of interest of them. 

Alternatively, you might consider buying them an Audible subscription so that they can listen to a variety of different audiobooks on topics of their own choice. 

Historical artifacts

When many people think of historical artifacts, they often think of larger, more widely coveted articles that you might find within a museum or gallery. However, there are actually many items of historical, geographical, and anthropological interest that you can find both in-store and online. For example, fossils make the perfect gifts for dinosaur geeks, or crystals are great for those who have an interest in both geology and history. 

Theater tickets

There are a number of different theatrical shows that might be interesting to someone who has an interest in history, depending on what eras and moments of historical importance interest them. For example, someone who is fascinated by ancient Greece might be interested in seeing a showing of Antigone or Lysistrata. 

Alternatively, a historian who likes to focus their studies and knowledge around the Elizabethan period might instead want to see a classic by Shakespeare, such as Romeo and Juliet, or Hamlet. Plus, going to see such a performance would be made even more special if you were to take them to see it at a location of historical importance, such as the Globe theater in London.   

Museum trips

There are a number of museums which house artifacts of historical interest, and none more obvious than the iconic Natural History Museum in London. There are a number of exhibits within this one museum alone, where you can explore a variety of topics, from dinosaurs to mammals and marine life. So, if you’re looking to gift someone an experience that they can remember, rather than an object, why not visit England’s capital and consider taking them to visit a museum of your choice. 

Depending on how close you are to the Natural History Museum, you might instead prefer to venture to a museum closer to your area; alternatively, you could even visit a site of historical significance. 

Box sets

Whether fictional or non-fiction, there are DVDs that cover almost every topic and genre imaginable. Box sets of programs or films are a great option for people who you know enjoy watching educational shows or films of historical relevance. There have been a number of films over the decades that have depicted a wide range of eras, historical events, and more, so there is bound to be a box set that you could find that would be perfect for a history lover. 

History inspired accessories

It’s hard to go wrong with accessories, as there are so many different options for things which you could buy. You could choose to get someone an accessory that they can wear on their person, something which they can carry with them, or even something for their home or office to make the space more personal to them. So, whether you are looking for niche jewelry, topical ties, or even just a coffee mug, there is something for everyone available within the range of accessories. 

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