5 Ways Sleep-Deprived New Moms Can Get More Sleep

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Having a new baby in the house is such a wonderful thing. Getting to know your addition to your family is such a blessing. That doesn’t mean that there are not times when looking after a newborn is difficult. One of the biggest complaints that new mums have is lack of sleep When you are trying to rest on the schedule of a new baby, it can be difficult to fully rest your body. Have a read through our ways that sleep-deprived moms can get more sleep and see if we can help you get more rest.

Sleep when your baby sleeps

You’ve probably heard this one before but have you really paid attention to it? Remember that it is OK to spend some time at home doing things on your baby’s schedule. You don’t have to be out and about trying to fit in with everyone else straight away, give yourself time at home to really get to know your baby and get the rest that you both need. If that means that you have to sleep during the day then so be it. Rest when you can. Remember you need all the rest you can to recover from the birth

Don’t worry that you won’t hear your baby cry

Many new parents worry that they won’t hear their baby crying while they are asleep. Trust us, you will. Your body is designed to tune into your baby’s crying and it will wake you up. You should allow yourself to really relax and enjoy all the sleep that you need. You might need to invest in a new mattress to really achieve that. Why not look at the best mattress of 2019 and see if that might be the right one for you?

Outsource tasks

Back in the day, a woman used to have a tribe around her after she had a baby, helping her to get things done so that she could recover. Nowadays we expect women to just get on with it. If you are lucky enough to get offers of help, accept them. Take the opportunity to catch up on some rest. Have a look through our blog post detailing 10 ways to sleep better as a new mom for some ideas. 

Don’t ignore the baby blues

Depression is a real thing that happens to many new mums. Be vigilant at all times and ensure you visit the doctor if you spot any signs that you might be suffering from postpartum depression. If you feel like the tiredness that you feel is extreme, it might well be that you are struggling. 

Rule out underlying sleep disorders

If you are struggling to sleep, it might well be that it is not your baby’s fault. Sometimes there can be an underlying condition such as insomnia, restless legs syndrome, or sleep apnea that can get in the way of us getting enough rest when we do get the chance to sleep. Always consider that there might be an underlying sleep disorder and seek medical advice if necessary. 

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