5 Ways to Improve Your Garden 

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Summer is here, and it has made its entrance known. As the welcome heat continues to top up our tans, doing anything social that doesn’t take place outside almost seems like a waste. Exercise? Go for a walk. A drink? Sit in a beer garden. Having people over? Get out the garden furniture!

With that being said, do you find yourself sitting outside and thinking that your garden needs improving but don’t know where to start? There are some quick and easy fixes to that. Using different planting methods and buying furnishings means that when you welcome people around, they’ll be overwhelmed by your green fingers the minute they step outside. Here are five ways you can improve your garden. 

Give Your Plants a Lift 

If the trees or shrubs in your garden have started to get a bit out of control, it may be time to remove some of their lower branches and trim them back a bit. This is called “crown lifting” which only seems appropriate as it can change an average-looking garden into somewhere fit for royalty. 

By improving shrubs’ shape, you make them look cleaner. It also facilitates air moving around the plant, which gives you the opportunity to plant more underneath. 

Make a Flowerbed 

If you have a bit of lawn to spare, then why not dig it up and add some new flowers? Introducing a variety of colour to a section of your garden can give it a new lease of life, and the most effective way to do this is with a plethora of different flowers. 

Add a Greenhouse 

Greenhouses are often known for their practical effects, which are an incredible benefit. By harvesting heat and light efficiently, you will be able to grow a more exotic array of plants that require higher temperature environments. Aesthetically they are also a great addition to the garden. 

A greenhouse does not merely need to be a standard Greenhouse only used for practical reasons. With a complimentary coat of paint and furnishings placed around, the right one can even be a fantastic contribution to the way a garden looks.

Websites such as Halls Greenhouses sell a variety of greenhouse, all of which look fantastic, making it easy to find the right one for your garden in both colour and size. If you would like more information on what they sell, then click here

Clean Your Pots 

Plant pots are often neglected, to the point the value they can add to your garden is often overlooked. Fill a bucket with warm water and some soap, and with a sponge or scrubbing brush, give them a good clean. They gather a lot of dust and dirt due to being in the garden, to the point that their colour can really be brought out after a thorough scrubbing

Fill Gaps in Pots with Instant Colour 

This is also overlooked frequently. If you have some freshly planted containers, no doubt they will contain a lot of bare compost as you wait for your plants to fully mature. Rather than putting up with the bare compost, why not add some temporary colour by planting violas or primroses? 

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