Why Should You Paint Your Wooden Garden Furniture?

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Older wooden furniture can take on a grey or green tinge over time, which might give your garden a worn-out appearance and cause the surface to deteriorate.

When your garden furniture is outside in all weathers, it has to put up with a lot. By painting your furniture, you can protect the wood from bright sunlight, extreme temperature changes, and moisture damage. This can extend the lifetime of your furniture and save you from having to replace it too quickly.

Although specialist oils and varnishes claim to do a similar job, these aren’t available in a wide range of colours – and generally aren’t as durable as paint. The right wooden garden furniture paint from Frenchic will keep your pieces in excellent condition, all while adding a splash of colour to your garden.

What Is The Best Paint For Wooden Garden Furniture?

Frenchic’s range of Al Fresco Inside/Outside paint has been specially formulated for outdoor use. Ideal for your garden furniture, this water-based chalk paint is highly durable, low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and EN 71-3 certified, meaning it’s child safe – perfect for painting wooden playground equipment such as swings and climbing frames.  

On top of that, the paint is self-priming, which avoids the messy, time-consuming process of priming your wooden garden furniture. Self-priming paint allows the paint to adhere better, for an even application, without the need to buy and apply separate products.

What Colour Should You Paint Your Wooden Garden Furniture?

Plants, flowers, and the colour of your house and surrounding architecture will all influence the colours that work best in your garden. From strong, on-trend colours to classic neutrals, get to know some of Frenchic’s most popular shades of Alfresco paint below:


White is a timeless choice for your wooden garden furniture. White picket fences have long been a symbol of domestic bliss – so if you want to bring a touch of serenity to your garden, why not give your furniture a coat of Al Fresco Dazzle Me!


If you’d prefer something slightly more subtle, there are a number of neutral shades that can add a calming tone to your garden. Whether it’s the pale and lovely Cream Dream or the taupe tones of Cool Beans, these colours can easily be partnered with any style or colour scheme.


Black has become one of the chicest shades for outdoor furniture in recent years. Blackjack is a true black shade that will stand out without overwhelming the other colours in your garden.


Grey décor is perhaps the biggest design trend we’ve seen over the last few years. Get the look with Swanky PantsDuckling or Greyhound. Not all greys were created equal, so Frenchic stock a spectrum of different shades that make it easy to find your perfect undertone and bring your vision to life.

Greens And Blues

Moving away from the neutrals, greens and blues are always popular paint colours for wooden garden furniture. From timeless Wise Old Sage and this year’s must-have deep emerald shade, Victory Lane, to jewels like Kiss Me Sloely or pretty lavender Parma Violet – you’ll find a variety of greens and blues available online at Frenchic.

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