9 Brick Effect Wallpaper Ideas to Transform Your Home 

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Interiors expert outlines 9 must have brick effects that can revolutionise your home, from industrial sophistication to cool farmhouse-chic.  

Brick walls have always been popular in interior design, but they’re experiencing something of a renaissance in 2021- in fact, searches for brick-effect wallpaper jumped by 190% in July alone a trend that is looking to continue as we head into August. Whether you’re looking to bring an industrial feel or a farmhouse style to your home, exposed brick work can add texture, warmth and endless charm to your home.

While exposed brick might be popular, it’s not an easy look to achieve. On the one hand, stripping walls to their bare bones can be a monumental task, and on the other, most modern builds use drywall for their interiors. And what about renters? How can they achieve that rich industrial or calming farmhouse look without losing their deposit?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy wall to rock the exposed brick trend, a faux brick effect wallpaper is the perfect choice. From cool beige stones to rich and rustic red bricks, there’s bound to be a style to suit the vibe you’re looking for. 

Alex Whitecroft, Head of Design at I Want Wallpaper gives us 9 dynamic brick effect wallpaper ideas to help transform our homes. 

Traditional White

Arthouse VIP White Brick Effect Wallpaper

One of the most iconic forms of the brickwork aesthetic, painted white bricks are often one of the go-to elements when people think of that classic traditional farmhouse look. And it’s not hard to see why; white brick wallpaper can brighten any room, and can work as a great contrast to bright, bold furniture. 

Part of its appeal is its simplicity – but its genius is in it’s versatility. While it might be a hallmark of the farmhouse look, there are so many styles to choose from. Scandi, French, Modern, Rustic and Coastal styles all combine clean white brickwork with their own unique elements, whether by adding cultural notes (Hygge) or by adding incredible colour and tonal contrasts (coastal). If white brick is your choice, make sure to pair it with strong contrasts to avoid your room feeling washed out.

Rich Earthy Red 

Rasche Red Textured Faux Brick Red Wallpaper

When it comes to that classic brickwork look, red is one of the most stand out choices. From deep rich reds to lighter terracotta tones, it’s a great way to add some warmth and character to a space. 

If you’re going for that urban loft look, pair it with dark wooden or metal furnishings like tables and shelves to create a sense of cool, or if you’re after a more rustic look use it as a statement wall in your kitchen, living or dining room. Bricks designs are wonderful additions around fireplaces, and a styled brickwork chimney breast  is certainly a great way to make an impact.

Modern Grey

AS Creation Beige Embossed Faux Effect Brick Wallpaper

Grey tones always have a cool and sophisticated feel. Often associated with modern and industrial styles, grey brick effects are the perfect way to achieve that urban look without breaking down your walls or your bank account. 

Since it’s such a versatile design, grey brick can be used in virtually every room, and can be combined with a variety of styles; from scandi-inspired living rooms to cool home offices, there’s always something out there to inspire.

Cool Beige 

Arthouse Rustic Country Stone Wallpaper 

Exposed brickwork is often associated with farmhouse-inspired design, and it’s not hard to see why; it’s a great way to evoke that traditional and practical lived-in vibe that the style is known for.

With its combination of colours and shapes, this beige brickwork is perfect for creating that authentic feel in every room – consider using it throughout or as a feature wall in kitchen or dining rooms to bring a touch of that classic charm to your home.

Navy Imbued

Distressed Brick Navy Red Wallpaper

Now here’s something different. Made popular by American architects in the early 20th century, bricks with blue or grey tones, also known as clinker bricks, are an incredibly rare and unique form of brickwork often used in specific home builds. 

But that shouldn’t stop you from being able to enjoy the dappled delights of the blue and grey that run through them. The combination really adds to the rough and rustic look, and the near navy quality of the blue and grey adds a new tone which can really tie a room together. Although it might not be as well known as others on the list, it’s definitely a design worth exploring. 

Monochrome Brick  

Erismann Faux Effect Brix Brick Pattern Textured Charcoal Wallpaper

‘Exposed brick feature walls are incredibly desirable, but unfortunately not every home boasts one,’ says Rebecca Baddeley, design manager at Inspired Wallpaper. ‘Using wallpaper is a quick and easy way to add one into any room of your choosing, without the hassle (and dust) of construction work.’ 

This exterior brick-effect wallpaper will help you make a statement wall with its industrial urban look. The brick shape is accentuated by a silver glitter shimmer within the mortar lines.

Stone Wall

AS Creation Embossed Grey Stone Brick Wall Grey Wallpaper

When it comes to that raw and rustic look, it’s not all about the brickwork; stone can add a whole different element to your home.

With a whole new combination of colours and shapes, stone walls convey a sense of endurance and permanence that not only looks good, but feels good too. Use it in the kitchen to convey that strong and sleek vibe, or add it your living room to create a safe and cozy space.  

Painted Effects

AS Creation Realistic 3D Brick Wall Blue Wallpaper

A brick wall doesn’t have to limit you to natural shades. Interior design gives us a chance to play with convention, so if you love the look of brick but want to bring a touch of colour to your room, why not add them together! With so many wallpaper designs, colours and textures out there, there’s definitely something out there that’ll revolutionise your room of choice.  

Take a look. This statement wallpaper boasts a gorgeous blue shade, bordering in green which pairs well with white painted walls, creating a wonderful contrast which is guaranteed to draw the eye. The texture also works well with some excellent soft furnishings, making it a  solid choice if you’re looking for simple décor with a minimalist touch. 

Pastel Pink 

AS Creation Realistic 3D Brick Wall Pink Wallpaper

While many people associate brick effect wallpaper with more rough and rustic chic like industrial and farmhouse, we’re seeing the look being combined with other styles in new and exciting ways.

The rise of grand-millenial style has brought along a lot of love and appreciation for pastel tones, which is creating some exciting new interior trends. It’s also a great way to play around with traditional styles and designs that combine modern chic with traditional charm to make something truly unique.

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