5 Ways to take of your indoor plants with ease

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When it comes to taking care of indoor plants, it can become quite messy. This all depends on the type of plant you have as well as the size of the plants. In this article, we will discuss tips and tricks that help you make your life with plants easier and more convenient. We will look at the purchasing process as well as maintaining your plants.

Purchasing your plants: online is the new trend

In the past, people would go to their local garden centers to purchase plants. Nowadays, this increasingly happens online. A good example is indoor plants from Bakker.com, a website that offers a broad range of plants for indoors. To make their products appealing to the target audience, they need to look beyond the plant itself. 

When you purchase indoor plants, you will receive the plant in a specially equipped carton box. This box is shaped in such a way that it is safe when being transported. You could even argue that the box arrives in a better shape than when driving it home by car yourself. Next to that, the plant is equipped with information about how to take care of it. The only thing you have to do is unbox it.

Taking care of your plant using an application

Maintaining a plant can be quite cumbersome. For example, when do you need to water it? When is the best time to change the soil? To answer these questions, you can turn to information on your plants available on the Internet. However, it is even better to use a dedicated application. By entering the name or taking a picture of the plant, the application can identify the plant. When identified, the app can provide you with information on the plant and also informs you when you need to water them and change the soil. Now your plant will always be in top shape!

Automatic watering using technology

Sure, you can water the plants yourself. However, what is even more intuitive is the automatic watering systems that are now being offered. You can fill it with water and it will provide droplets to the plants according to their needs.

Integrated watering with the application

There are also applications available that combine information with automatic watering using the Internet of Things (IoT). This combination makes it possible to take care of your plants automatically. You do, however, need to change the soil after some time again.

Share experience with the community

Taking care of your plant is not something you necessarily need to do alone. You can also reach out to a vast network of people that are having the same plants. There, you can share knowledge and insights. This is especially true for more difficult plants such as the Bonsai or Aloe Vera, which have a large online community. This will feel like a steep learning curve at first, but an online community can help you get started.

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