Things to consider when buying a new sofa

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Don’t buy online unless your bum has sat on the cushion.

This is a pretty important factor and shocks me the amount of people who buy sofas online without checking out their nearest local modern sofa store  For something you are going to be investing a lot of your time and physical being into – surely you would want to see if it’s even comfortable?  It says it’s a 3 seater but what’s the reality of its shape in your home – is the colour as true as it is on the website, what does the texture of the fabric feel like – would it be irritating to bare and tender skin of children? Most people wouldn’t buy a car online without seeing it in person and I feel that it is the same as the sofa situation.

Can you save the planet and buy 2nd hand?

If it’s a high traffic area and bound to be subject to lots of wear and tear from little dirty feet and pet paws, is it really worth spending several thousand on?   Do we need to keep churning out brand new sofas year after year, putting undue pressure on some families to get the latest and greatest, most fashionable colour or model?  Perhaps for some families it would make sense to buy a nice second hand item to minimise the depreciation to the family budget.

Is it transitional with your decor?

Seasons and tastes change and we women are quite fond of ringing the changes when it comes to our decor. If you are currently rocking teal in your living room but on a whim decide to wave a wand and have everything bumblebee yellow – having a sofa that is interchangeable with a multitude of colour schemes makes a lot more sense. A neutral sofa with a colour scheme of cushions and throws that can be easily changed with your interior design desires will be much more effective than deciding your sofa just “doesn’t fit” with the new idea.

How can it be kept clean or does it need treated

This one is a major consideration with your lifestyle and there are ways around it – however you have to think seriously about having a cream chenille coloured sofa if you have pets, toddlers and generally careless people in your house as there’s only so much Scotchguard can do. There are certain textures of fabrics that are easier to wipe clean than others and for those fabric ones that get really bad, you can also get them pressure washed by a professional to ensure the deeply ground in dirt (like my dog who likes to perch his bum on the arm rest of the sofa) is sucked right out. If pet hair is a constant issue, a nice leather sofa would actually be really practical as the hair just pools in one area and it’s easily vaccumed. Certain types of fabrics not only attract pet hair but allow it to weave itself into the fabric!

Will it fit your full family on it?

Just because something says it’s a 3 seater sofa, doesn’t mean you are all going to fit your peachy behinds onto it with any kind of comfort. How extensive the armrests are, how much the back cushions displace any seating area and how comfortable the middle spot is are all important factors before settling on the sofa of your dreams.

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