5 Ways to Stage Your Home For a Premium Selling Price

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We all want to get the best price for our home when we come to sell it and what most people don’t know – an industry secret – is to stage your home. This means instead of opening up your home and letting people see the warts and all – you actually prepare your home to “showroom” quality for viewings and the real estate photography. This can inspire people when viewing as to what the house could look like in their hands, rather than the family chaos that has ensued in your possession!

Paint The Walls

Paint them all white. Ideally if it’s within your budget, get a house painting contractor in to blitz ceilings, walls and skirtings to ensure you have a neutral palette. Although you may love your terracotta – your potential buyers may not be able to visualise how they could have that room work for them. So make it easy for them and just neutralise the whole space. If you change your mind selling the house you can bring back your crazy colour schemes!

Make the entrance enticing

A floral display, scenting on the way in and a tidy porch and hallway area will all give the incoming buyer an instant sense of wellbeing when they walk into the house and hopefully make a connection with the property! Scents like white flowers, linens, coastal or lighty woodsy fragrances would be ideal in setting the right tone


Now you don’t want too dark lighting to cover up any flawed areas but you also don’t want any harsh lightning with a great big neon pointing finger so the buyers instantly see faults so you need to strike a balance as to what they see and what needs pointed out. Soft and elegant lighting in key areas where lighting would be important anyway such as kitchen areas, bathrooms etc will create the right ambiance without trying to hide any flaws.

Get all personal items stored or boxed away neatly

No-one needs to see your crystal animals collection let’s be honest. If you are wanting to move house anyway – now is the time to downsize and declutter and get things boxed away to make packing for your move a lot easier. You can manage in your “showhome” for a few months without the lifetime of wall hangings, books and decorations so get them away – pick a few choice pieces to accentuate the room but get the rest in storage or out of site.

Minimalise the furniture to make the rooms look bigger

Even more so than clutter, too much furniture can make a room seem smaller and oppressive. Rule of thumb from professional stagers is to reduce the amount of furniture by half. Give them a sense of what the room would be for but leave it at that.

If you utilise these tips and use this opportunity to sell your house to the viewers it won’t take long to secure a sale. The more work they have to do to picture themselves living there – the more viewers you will need and the longer it will take to move the property on!

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