Three Interior Design Tips for the Perfect Caravan

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Your caravan is an extension of your home – a space that is utterly yours, for you to enjoy and relax in as you see fit. More than two million people make use of caravans or motorhomes each year; however, many people do not see fit to decorate their caravan space in the same way they would decorate their home space – or even their childhood bedroom. This piece hopes to change that fact, with three interior design ideas to make your caravan the perfect living space.


Lighting can utterly transform a space and should be the first thing you think about when it comes to the redecoration of your caravan space. Use fairy lights to brighten up darker, less-accessible corners and define the edges of your living space. Statement lamps are a wonderful way to put your character into the caravan; use a Himalayan salt lamp for a warm colour and aesthetically pleasing side table lamp, and place angle-poise lamps behind seating areas for a dual function. Point them at the wall for ambient light or angle them towards you for reading lamps.

As for the exterior of your caravan, invest in festoon lights and zigzag them from your canopy to stakes in the ground around 3 metres away. The effect is a beautifully =-lit outside seating space with a veranda of light above it, making for a cosy evening whether in the Summer or the Winter. 


Making the right choices when it comes to dressing your space can make a world of difference in terms of comfort and feel; the right rug placement, or the judicious use of cushions and throws, can elevate your new holiday caravan from comfortable accommodation to luxurious environment for relaxation and more. Start with the floor. 

What kind of rug would suit the vibe you’re going for? For a rustic vibe, go for a neutrally coloured, high pile rug. It’s an understated choice visually but will feel extremely comfortable under-foot and retain heat as well. For a more traditional style, try a Persian rug as your floor’s centrepiece, to draw the eye into the middle of the room and increase the sense of space in your caravan.

Cushions and throws are also a great way to draw the eye; if your caravan has a corner sofa, or a banquette style seating area, oversized cushions in vibrant contemporary colours are a great way to grab attention and make the space seem bigger. Throws, meanwhile, should indicate comfort. Rather than a rough weave, choose fleece throws which can double as blankets – and use an abundance to layer up your seating areas. If it gets cold, some can be used as blankets without affecting the overall decorative effect.


An often-overlooked facet of interior design, scent can play a huge part in the sense of comfort in a space. Different smells evoke different feelings, so be careful that the ones you select do not clash with your chosen style. Nag champa burns heavy, and should be used with darker colour schemes, while orchid scents and oils should be used in brighter, more neutral spaces.

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