6 Things to do Before you Hire Employees for Your Startup

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There is a lot of advice and tips available for entrepreneurs about hiring new employees for a startup. Although most of them are effective, they overlook one critical aspect; the significance of having employees when the business gets off the ground. 

The startup stage of a company is essential, and it needs the expertise of professionals in strategic positions. But it is essential to remember to engage a lawyer to help make employment contracts when hiring for a startup. 

In this article, we will outline the things to do before hiring employees to ensure its success.

1. Determine the Type of Employee you Need

Employees are significant players in the success of a business. To avoid hiring someone you don’t need or can’t afford, and you first have to establish the kind of employee you require. Assess the tasks you have that need additional help. Take note of the time to complete each job to determine the greatest time sinks.

Also, understand your audience, who will consume your products and services. After determining your audience, you can concentrate on creating an ideal environment for selling your product or service, including the right employees to help attain this goal.

2. Hire for Potential

One key characteristic of a hiring manager is to identify potential, not just proof of past success. While interviewing potential employees, look for someone with a strong passion or interest for missions or causes like yours. It would be best to consider what they are good at or their past accomplishments. 

Unlocking a person’s potential involves marrying their passions and skills to make them find a way to unleash themselves.

3. Have Candidates Demonstrate Aptitude or Skill

Job applicants know how to respond to interview questions to instill confidence in the hiring manager. The best way to assess someone is to ask them to complete a task for you. For example, when hiring a salesperson, request them to sell something to you.

4. Know the Legal Requirements Necessary to Hire Employees

It is advisable to ensure that you are familiar with federal and local employment laws, such as laws concerning job discrimination. For instance, be cautious not to be discriminatory in your job postings. If your job post contains biased wording, your business may be sued.

5. Find and Hire Employees through a Recruitment Agency

You can use a recruitment agency to outsource all the phases of recruitment. This includes the search for suitable candidates for their hiring. Recruitment agencies specialize in finding employees in different trades, and they quicken the recruitment process.

6. Be Financially Ready

It is essential to have your finances before hiring employees for your startup. New employees cost money, need tax withholdings, and involve some IRS paperwork. You also need a payroll system in place before your first hire. The new employees will need to fill out Form W-4, which covers withholding taxes. 

The tax form also consists of Medicare and applicable taxes. You also need a business account to separate your business and personal finances and easily track spending. 

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