7 Secrets To A Great Live Stream

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Creating a great live stream requires careful thought and planning. Too many live streamers simply point a camera at themselves and start filming, but this will come across as amateurish and will never engage the viewer. A great stream will immediately engage the viewer, encourage them to stay for the duration of the stream and provide entertainment and valuable information. No matter what type of stream you are creating, you will always want to make it a professional standard so that it can stand out in a competitive marketplace and impress your target viewer. Here are a few secrets to a great live stream.

1. Use High-Quality Equipment

Today’s viewer is used to high-quality video, so you need to make sure that you are using professional-standard equipment. The critical purchase will be a camera which is ideal for live streaming; you can find a collection of these at Choosist.com. Additionally, make sure that the background is anywhere other than your bedroom! 

2. Test Before Going Live

You should always test the stream before going live to make sure that it looks and sounds professional. The audio is particularly important, so make sure that this is clear, crisp, and loud enough. It is helpful if you have at least one other person to help you with this.

3. Plan The Show

No matter what type of content you are providing, you should always preplan the show so that it runs smoothly and there are no awkward silences. This does not have to be a detailed script, but you should know what you are going to do and talk about throughout the entire stream. Consider the overall theme, topics that you want to cover, questions that need answering and leaving a last impression on the viewer.

4. Engage With The Viewer

When people watch a live stream, they want to be able to interact and engage with the streamer as otherwise, they may as well be watching a recorded film. Keep an eye on the comments section, and respond to a few of these live if you are able to. Doing so will boost engagement, create a sense of belonging, and keep people coming back.

5. Use Extra Hosts or Guests 

It is easy to become bored when a live steam only has one person. Having an additional host or bringing in guests can keep things fresh, interesting, and add a different perspective. It is also more fun to make too!

6. Use Your Personality

You will want your audience to feel like they know you, so try to use your personality in each stream. In addition to introducing yourself at the start, you can also do this by using humor, being authentic, and sharing your own stories.

7. Be Consistent

Building your audience and developing a reputation will require being consistent. In addition to creating regular live streams, this will also involve having a consistent set up in terms of production values, a theme for the stream and developing your own style (think about in-jokes you can use, sign-offs, and so on).

These tips should help you to improve your live streams so that you can attract more viewers and achieve your goals from the stream.

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