7 simple steps to help extend the life of your clothes

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During COVID-19, many Brits will be looking for ways to save money. Where some will be trying to cut down on their energy bills while spending more time at home, others may be looking to reduce their spending habits by adopting a ‘make do and mend’ attitude. However, before the pandemic, thanks to the rise in fast fashion, Brits have become something of a throwaway nation with research revealing that the average person splashes out close to £2,000 annually to keep up with the latest fashion trends*.

No matter how many trends may come or go, we’ve all got those treasured items in our wardrobes that we can’t do without. Whether it’s a pair of jeans that fit just right, or an occasion dress, that over time through general wear and tear, have lost their appeal. So to help you extend the life of the staples you’re not ready to say goodbye to and save some money, here are six simple tips…

Dare to mix

A great way to save money on your energy bills is to reduce the number of times you run your washing machine. By mixing your colours and whites you can cut down on the number of washes you need to do a week ultimately saving money. Worried about the dreaded red sock turning your whites pink?  Colour Catcher is a handy laundry sheet that can help prevent colour run accidents by trapping any loose dyes to allow the freedom to wash colours, patterns, and whites together.

Less can be more

Although Colour Catcher allows you to mix your laundry load it’s also important to keep in mind the amount of clothing you are putting into the drum. While loading the washing, try to adopt the ethos of less is more as too many clothes mean less movement, which equals more friction on clothing and less cleaning. To ensure your load gets a thorough clean fill the drum to ¾ full so there’s enough movement.

Room to breathe

If you’re really not a big fan of loading the washing machine, why not extend the time between washes, you’ll be amazed how much you can reduce the rate of colour fade due to regular washing for items such as jeans, jumpers, and trousers by simply airing them out. Fun fact: Fabric can hold odours, but these often fade within 24 hours if left to air out.

Get creative

To give your favourites a new lease of life if the colour has started to fade, try DYLON Dyes easy to use machine pods. Available in a variety of bright and colourful shades, the dyes are perfect for revamping or upcycling garments that may look a bit glum.  Get even more creative by attempting the ever-popular tie dying method seen recently on Kendall Jenner and Victoria Beckham. It requires a couple of DYLON Hand Dyes, household salt and some large rubber bands and can be done in as little as two hours.

Clean your cleaner

Did you know that limescale deposits can build up in the fibres of your clothes, making them feel rougher? For a quick and effective way to remove limescale deposits from your washing machine, use Oust Dishwasher and Washing Machine Descaler. Simply add the contents of 1 sachet to the drum and run a 60C cycle without pre-wash.

Ditch the hangers

Yes, hanging clothes is definitely less time consuming than folding but for certain items folding is the better option. To preserve the shape of jumpers or any stretchy garments it’s best to fold rather than hang as overtime they might begin to sag. To spark a bit of joy, check out decluttering guru Marie Kondo’s KonMari method.

Keep the moths away

May is the peak season for moths and if left untreated an infestation can lead to hundreds of pounds worth of damage to your belongings. Zensec by Vapona is an effective moth proofer for your wardrobe, with soft scents of lavender these tiny bags can help keep away any unwanted flying guests.  If you fancy using a DIY remedy, try filling a few fabric bags with dried lavender and placing them in drawers and wardrobes through the home.  Not only will these methods help prevent infestations but they will also help keep your clothes smelling lovely and fresh.

*Survey commissioned by DYLON Dyes amongst 2,000 women and men across the UK

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