7 Ways To Achieve The Perfect Beach Wedding

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Beach weddings can be beautiful and laid-back. They can be the perfect way to escape a lot of the stress and headaches that traditional weddings can cause. They do, however, still require lots of thought and attention. Don’t fear, though, we’ve got 7 ideas to make your beach wedding the perfect occasion.

Welcome bag

If you are having a beach wedding, it is likely that many of your guests will be attending from out of town. It might be a nice idea, therefore, to put together a welcome bag as a token to thank your guests for travelling to your wedding. You could include a list of local attractions, snacks, a wedding itinerary or a guide-book to the destination of your wedding. There are plenty of ideas to be found online for things that you could include.

Sequin hangers

We know you won’t be getting ready at the beach but sequin hangers can be a really nice touch that makes the dressing up that bit more special. Imagine all those gorgeous dresses from your bridal party hung up on beautiful hangers. It would certainly make for a wonderful photograph. Take a look at our post about choosing wedding perfume, another essential item for your dressing room.

Rope-wrapped candle

Nothing suits a beach-theme better than a rope-wrapped candle. They look perfectly rustic and casual, just like a good beach wedding should be. For extra effect, you could even glue shells or starfish onto them.

Golden shell centrepiece

What would a beach wedding be without shells? They are the perfect, inexpensive and fuss-free way to decorate your wedding. Make sure to include a golden shell centre-piece to finish off the look.

Shoe drop-off

Dressing for a beach wedding can be difficult, although there are stores such as Island Cabana that can offer help and advice. One major issue that guests at beach weddings often have is anxiety over which shoes they should wear and if they choose to take them off at the wedding where should they leave them. Make sure to include a shoe-drop off point at your wedding to help your guests. Make sure you to use a carpet or rug so that shoes don’t get lost or end up covered in sand.

Petal confetti

Nothing is prettier at a beach wedding than some petal confetti. Many people shy away from using petal confetti for fear that it is not good for the environment. Obviously, it is never more important than when at the beach that you opt for petals that are eco-friendly. Luckily there are places out there that supply 100% natural petals that are completely biodegradable. Choose this and then all you will need is some advice to help you get the perfect confetti photo.

Photo backdrop

The beach is a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos but if you want something a bit different you could always use a special photo backdrop. Whether you choose something vastly different to your wedding theme to get some photos wacky photos or just choose a beach backdrop to make sure your photos come out great, a backdrop could make your wedding great.

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