5 top tips you need for planning a wedding

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The very idea of your special day is that it’s supposed to be special – so you ideally won’t look back on it years later and remember it for all manner of things going wrong. Instead, you will want to be able to take away the warmest memories from your nuptials, and if you wish to ensure that, every aspect of your planning must be immaculate.

So, here are just some pieces of advice that will help you to make your wedding day a success.

Start planning at an early stage

If, for instance, you would like to get married to your beloved two years from now, that doesn’t mean you should only start planning in a year’s time. After all, popular venues may need to be booked a long way ahead of the date, while commencing your planning at the earliest opportunity will also enable you to take much of the stress and panic out of the process later on.

Make the venue one of your first priorities

The venue that you choose will dictate so much else about your nuptials, so it should be one of the first decisions you make. Opt for a historic French chateau such as Château Bouffémont, for example, with its refined furnishings and crystal chandeliers, and you will then be able to start planning all of the other touches – such as the decorations and attire – that suit such a heritage property.

Be flexible about the date

You may have a specific date in mind for your wedding – such as the same day and month you first met your beloved – but in the real world, you may find your dream venue isn’t available on that date. Remember that whatever date you choose will become special for both of you, so you shouldn’t rule out a certain venue simply because it can’t be booked for a particular day.

Consider holding your wedding somewhere away from home

It’s perfectly reasonable that you might first think of holding your wedding at a venue in your hometown – after all, you will want all of your closest family and friends to be able to make the date. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to mean ignoring further-flung wedding venues. Remember that there’s a strong chance you will never tie the knot again in your life, and the dream wedding venue abroad may help to make your special day even more so.

Choose a photographer who perfectly fits your style

Once everything else about your big day has receded into the distance, you will have the wedding photos as a permanent record. You should therefore make sure both you and your partner are happy with whatever wedding photographer you pick. Take the time to compare several photographers and ask about their prices, but most importantly, look at their portfolios. Which one’s style best matches your style as a couple? The answer may well be your final choice.

What else do you need to bear in mind if you are to make your wedding planning a success? HELLO! magazine has some interesting thoughts on that subject.

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