7 Ways To Make Your House More Homely

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Your house or apartment really should be more than just a place where you sleep and hang out when you’re not at work. It should be comfortable and styled towards you, and you should be glad to be there. When you just move into a new place, it can take a while for it to feel like home, but there are some ways to speed up the process and give you a real sense of comfort which will help you to feel happier and be more productive in general. Here are some great tips on how to make your house (or apartment) a more homely place to be.

Have Some Art

Art is one of the best ways to show off your personality and style, and if you can’t change the décor because you’re renting, or you don’t want to go to the expense of a renovation, or even because you simply enjoy looking at art, hanging some paintings, sketches, mosaics, and more on the walls of your home will definitely make it feel more like somewhere you want to be.

Studies show that looking at art can make you feel calm and relaxed, and reduce stress, which is always a good thing since stress can cause all kinds of physical and mental health problems. It makes sense; getting a sense of pleasure from looking at something beautiful is a key way to being comfortable in a space, and not only that but when you invite people over, your art is something that can help to spark up conversation.

Childhood Items

When you try to imagine the perfect home, does your mind get drawn back to your childhood and the place you grew up? It does for many of us; the epitome of ‘home’ is where our parents raised us, and where we had no worries and were entirely safe. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have some items from that home and from your childhood to dot around your new, adult house. They will serve as a reminder of that perfect time, and you will feel happy and content when you see them.

You could choose a specific piece of furniture that brings back memories, or a music box, or some board games, for example. Anything that makes you smile and offers you a chance to think back to when you were little is a great addition and will make your place feel so much more homely.


Having some plants in your home will brighten things up and stop the place from looking quite so stark and sterile (even the most comfortable looking of homes can still be enhanced with plants). Studies have proven that plants have a calming effect, and this is most likely because they release oxygen into the air. The more oxygen we have to breathe, the more relaxed and comfortable we feel.

Being close to nature in any way always serves as a great comforter, so if your home could do with a boost, you can go online to choose from a wide variety of greenery. Click here for more info. You will be able to find something that suits not only your home but you too.

Clean Up

Living in a clean home, ready to receive guests and visitors at any time and where you know where everything is because it is all put away neatly and tidily is another great way to make your house more homely. It’s hard to feel entirely comfortable in a property that is cluttered and dirty. Even if you think you don’t mind it, you’ll soon realize the difference when you have a good clean and tidy round. For many people, how they look after their home is a physical expression of what they are feeling inside, so if your home is untidy perhaps it is time to sit down and really understand how you are feeling – is there something underlying that is causing you to care just a little less about what your home looks like?

Get A Pet

If the reason for your house or apartment not feeling homely is that there is no life in it when you’re not there, then a pet might be the answer. Adopting a pet from a local sanctuary or rescue centre is the best way to get one – you’ll know all about their history and what their temperament is like, plus you can pick one that fits in best with your lifestyle. When you come home from work, and there is a pet waiting for you, a living this that relies on you for love and food, your home will automatically feel a lot more comfortable, plus playing with a pet or even simply sitting and stroking them, is relax you and remove stress.

Soft Furnishings

No matter what your furniture is like, whether it is used or new, adding some throw pillows or a throw blanket to it can make a huge difference. Softening up the furniture and the room that it sits in will make it a much cosier and comfortable place to be for you and anyone else. The room will suddenly be a place where you want to spend more time. You can use these cushions or blankets on couches, chairs, or beds, and they will all do the same job.

The Right Lighting

Insufficient lighting or lighting that is too bright (such as fluorescent lighting) will do little to make your home more homely. You need something in the middle that means you can see what you are doing, but that doesn’t shine too brightly and make things uncomfortable. This is easy to achieve with a trip to the hardware store to pick up some new bulbs. They should have a white or yellow hue to them rather than blue, and they should fall into the ‘warm’ spectrum to promote comfort. The box should tell you all you need to know, but if you’re not sure a member of staff should be able to help you out. Switch the bulbs around, and your home will become much more pleasant.

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