A Concise Guide to Personality-Inspired Interior Design

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Expressing who you are on the inside by how you appear on the outside is a fantastically empowering experience. So, whether you are currently renting a flat with your partner, live in an ‘intimate’ studio space alone in the city or own your home, spending time transforming your rooms can be genuinely cathartic. 

Continue reading for a concise guide to personality-inspired interior design. 

Focus Your Attention on Different Textiles

One fantastic way to express your personality is to break out of your comfort zone when it comes to the fabrics, textures and patterns you choose regarding your home furnishings.

Moreover, mixing and matching the prints you like, and caring much less about whether or not a cushion you have fallen in love with will match the rest of the room’s design, will serve to give friends and strangers alike a sense of your personality. 

Lead with your instincts when choosing new curtains, cushions, throws and carpets, and never be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. 

Home Décor from Your Travels

For people who enjoy their holidays, and even more impressive, if you have spent several months travelling, either on your own or with friends, you will have undoubtedly collected a wide and eclectic array of souvenirs and holiday memorabilia. 

Arranging your personal and truly unique collection of souvenirs will bring your apartment or house alive and serve to remind you of those special and incredibly memorable experiences you have had up to this point. 

Choose Colours Carefully 

Obviously, each one of the rooms in your home is for a specific purpose, and as such, practicality and, indeed, availability limitations apply to white goods in the kitchen and the designs of bathroom suites.

However, for the furniture pieces and other moveable structures within each room, you can inject your personality into every single piece. The colours that you naturally gravitate towards in artwork, clothing and home décor should form the basis of the palette you select for a room. 

For example, choosing a stylish and innovatively designed sofa from established and prestigious designers, such as ligne roset furniture, for your office or study would be a fantastic way of adding your personality to your home’s design. 

Complement the Proportions of Each Room

Another incredibly helpful tip when wanting to transform your interior living spaces into a more accurate reflection of who you are and your likes and passions is to work with the space you have.

Essentially, this comes down to using simple, tried and tested techniques that are specific to your individual space. For example, if your rooms tend to be on the larger side, with high ceilings and wide walls, statement furniture is certainly the best choice, as it adds to the dramatic nature of the space.

Consider dimensions, too, such as in a smaller room, say the spare bedroom on the top floor of your property, and complement more intimate spaces with lower chairs with smaller legs and shelving units that are either lower on the wall or smaller in height. 

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