A New Concept In Anti Ageing From Murad

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Dr Murad and Jeff Murad, are the pioneers behind the brand whose tagline is ‘Transforming skincare’. Their topical products embody ‘Replenicell Hydration’ technology, which turns water into skincare resulting in youthful, hydrated skin. Unlike other skincare products that incorporate water as ‘filler’ material, Murad make this ubiquitous liquid work. Here’s how. Replenicell Hydration technology utilises three components; 1) osmolytes – water loving molecules that help water reach deeper layers of the skin and stay there, 2) select amino acids to monitor and optimise hydration levels within the skin, 3) trehalose – an antioxidant sugar that protect the skin’s barrier.

These ingredients pretreat and transform the water phase of all Murad formulations into an optimal solution that works inter-dermally on all skin layers. Importantly the blend of proprietary ingredients also strengthens the skin’s barrier to aid water retention so skin is plumper for longer. This is particularly pertinent when you consider that skin loses 1% of collagen every year after the age of 25 and that skin membranes are also less able to hold water due to damage by free radicals (a natural part of ageing).

MURAD pore line SONY DSCMurad skincare products typically utilise a three step regime, 1 – cleanse /tone, 2 – treat and repair, 3 – hydrate and protect. So to get the best results buy the three products from the range for your particular treatment.

We all know the healthier and more vital we feel inside, the more we radiate this outside. In fact the condition of outer skin i.e. dryness, ashiness, wrinkles, sagging can be an indicator of what’s going on internally. To that end Murad also manufacture dietary supplements to aid healthy skin function and appearance.

Their latest skincare product is the Pore and Line Minimising Hydrator, which reduces damage caused by everyday factors like gravitational pull and collagen loss. This product is available now, RRP £49.50 for a 50ml tube. Buy online and view more products at www.murad.co.uk.

Murad Facts

This brand has a product for every skin condition, including hormonal change women.

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