How the ladies can get a classic ‘English rose’ look

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An English rose holds beauty, modesty and sophistication. It’s also become a timeless makeup trend, thanks to many well-known women such as the Duchess of Cambridge, Keira Knightley and Kate Winslet.

With a look so flawless, it’s no wonder you’d want to achieve it yourself. So, here’s how you can channel the ‘English rose’ look.

It’s not all about the makeup

The fresh-faced look starts with a good skincare routine. Taking care of your skin will not only improve makeup application, it’ll also give you that smooth dewy finish of an English rose. Make sure you include hydrating serums in your routine and gently exfoliate the skin to encourage a soft and supple complexion.

Get back to basics with your skincare routine and stick to products that work well with your skin type. Remember to apply lightweight skincare products first to make sure they’re absorbed and the benefits can therefore reach your skin.

Get the English rose look, no matter what your skin colour is

Although the English are typically pale in complexion, the main goal of this look is enhancing natural beauty. If you feel comfortable enough, skip the foundation and just use concealer to hide any imperfections.

Don’t want to embrace the bare face? Stick to a lighter coverage foundation for an even but natural complexion. Use concealer to hide any imperfections and if you want a smooth-looking base, set your face with a thin layer of powder.

Avoid applying heavy layers of makeup and instead opt for lightweight products, such as the natural makeup range of Tropic Skincare, that enhance your beauty while being kind to skin.

Pop of colour

What’s an English rose without her signature rosy cheeks? If you’re a fan of blusher, this is the perfect time to dig through your collection for that perfect pink glow. For anyone who rarely wears blusher, this look is a great way to try it out.

Blusher beautifully complements the skin by adding a pop of colour to the face. It creates a natural, flushed glow that makes skin look healthy and fresh. Simply dab blusher onto the apples of your cheeks and blend. Top it all off with a subtle highlighter to add a dewy glow to the high points of your face.

Add a little edge

Defined eyes are a great way to add a little edge to this look and stop you from looking too babyish. But that doesn’t mean you need a smoky eye to achieve definition.

Choose an eyeliner to smoke along your lash line. If you want to open up your eyes, adding a lighter eyeliner to your waterline can give you that doe-eyed affect. Finish the eyes off by coating lashes in mascara to add sophistication and enhance your eyes.

Top it off with a plump pout

Keep in theme by opting for pink and peachy lipstick shades. If you want to tie the look together, you could even go for a shade similar to your blusher. Make sure you choose a lipstick formula that adds shine to the lips to keep your pout plump.

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