Superdrug Reveals Shocking Truth About Black And Asian High Street Beauty Brands

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New research from Superdrug reveals that more than two thirds of women of colour (WOC) today feel let down by high street beauty brands. Of the 559 women surveyed 70% feel that high street beauty stores don’t cater for their beauty needs, and 36% feel available guidance and advice there is lacking. Yet WOC spend £137.52 more annually on their beauty products than anyone else.

Superdrug’s findings also show:
· WOC spend over £25 on foundation due to lack of choice in finding their true shade. This equates to £15 more than a foundation from brands such as L’Oreal and Maybelline.
· 31% admitted foundation is their most important beauty product, closely followed by body moisturiser and then lipstick.
· 53% spend more on makeup than any other beauty product.
· 55 % feel the high street could produce darker foundation shades and dedicate greater shelf space for WOC cosmetics.

With beauty services, brows remain high on the agenda, with 53% of WOC claiming they would visit a salon for eyebrow servicing, but would be happy to wax their legs at home.

Says Sarah Gardner, Head of Beauty at Superdrug: “As a leading health and beauty retailer…it is our duty to listen to our customers which is why we’ve launched the Shades of Beauty campaign…we have made it our mission to offer women of colour the latest in beauty products at an affordable price.”

Sarah continues, “Since launching the Shades of Beauty campaign, we’ve seen an increase in foundation shades from Maybelline, L’Oreal and Revlon and we’ll be launching 23 additional shades for darker skin tones by the end of July. If this means we have to reduce space in other products areas, that is what we’ll do.”

*To support the new Shades of Beauty campaign, Superdrug commissioned independent research on the views of Black and Asian women when beauty shopping on the high street. Superdrug is committed to offering the best beauty range for women of colour.

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