Feed Your Nails With ORLY’s New Breathable Nailpolish

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ORLY have released a new range of breathable shades whose all in one basecoat, colour and topcoat fill out the nails and give body to their surface. Almost like a gel application, ORLY Breathable is the new way to nourish your nails while sweeping them with longlasting, fashionable colour. So get your manicure on.

Our model is wearing a range of pinks from the Breathable line and as you can see, these colours are great for darker skins. All the Breathable shades have a shiny finish.

From left to right on model’s fingernails:

Beauty Essentials – deep fuchsia/red– great for the beach or a night on the tiles

Happy and Healthy – a versatile bubblegum pink that is not overpowering

TLC – a lilac that is subtle enough for the office

Pamper Me – creamy white with hint of pink, for those who like it pale

Nail Superfood – this medium rose red and pink combo bears summer reminiscence, and is the author’s fave next to Happy and Healthy. Great too for the coming winter.

You can get your colours from a range of 18 available shades for around £9 per bottle. Simply visit ORLY UK. The image on left shows the colours under artificial light.

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