Ananda Soul Creations- handmade & blessed jewellery from Bali

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Ethics has become a huge hot topic when it comes to marketing a brand.  Brand X uses living wage factories, Brand Y bans the use of chemicals in their manufacturing process.  Sometimes you get the feeling it’s done to sell more products rather than the unselfish, non profit oriented vision it should be.

So when a company like Ananda Soul Creations comes along – with a vision of running a company based on love, support, respect and honesty you have to sit up and take notice.  Yes there’s a revenue stream – it’s still a capitalist economy and one must make money as a business or you would be out of business, but Ananda makes the effort every day and with every employee to create and sell their products with those visions in mind.

So what are the ethical standpoints of Ananda Soul Creations?

#1 Ethical Production.  This means fair wages, opportunities for career development and even free weekly yoga classes!  They use recycled silver whenever possible and trace their gemstones to source (as far back as possible anyway)  Don’t you just want to give a brand like this your money!?

#2 Each order comes with a free bracelet made by mums at the centre for street children so you are helping Ananda Soul Creations ensure a stable income for these families.  This enables the child to go to school and avoid the traps of trafficking

#3 Empowering Women The mothers that create the bracelets do so knowing their children are at school, getting a free lunch and that they are earning to support their family.  A simple concept to us in the west.

#4 Using recycled, ethical and sustainable materials such as recycled silver and gemstones from ethical sources.

#5 Each of the designs receives a loving prayer or blessing.  Each gemstone is chosen to uplift and empower and then blessed by a Balinese priest.

#6 Yogic values.  They state that “What motivates us is our love for all living beings, our deep respect for mother earth and our commitment to yogic values – and that radiates through all that we do. So everything you see on this website comes straight from our heart to yours”

#7 We have a vision of a big family of loving, supportive, inspiring people uplifting each other to their highest potential

You can read a more detailed description of each topic here  Don’t you just want to buy all your gifts and jewellery from here!?

Our current favourite is “The Answer is Inside” Bracelet at £78.03  The Answer is Inside bracelet has been blessed in a special Balinese ceremony to bring love, peace and prosperity to the person wearing it and is made from 22kt Gold Vermeil, Rose Quartz, Rhodolite and my favourite – Citrine (the yellow crystal)  Widely known as the “love” or “heart” stone, Rose Quartz encourages unconditional love and opens its wearer to all forms of love: self love, romantic love, family love, platonic love … Citrine increases self-confidence and stimulates creativity, enthusiasm, and joy. Rhodolite is balancing for the heart chakra, opening the heart to give and receive love, increasing compassion for oneself and for others.

The Answer is Inside Bracelet

An absolutely stunning gift for yourself or someone close to you.

Ananda Soul shared with Simply Woman this stunning piece of jewellery – a bracelet which we have photographed for you below.  In line with the values and ethics of the company – our Editor gifted it to her bridesmaid on her wedding day as a thank you and a piece of love represented in jewellery form.  The one below has now sold out but there are plenty of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.  Here you can see the beautiful workmanship, the genuine raw nature of the stone and the intricate detail of the design.

IMG_2604 IMG_2592 IMG_2589 IMG_2588 IMG_2587

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