Actionable Tips For Career Women To Prove Their Mettle

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Things have changed a lot for women in the professional landscape. Gender bias is practically non-existent in most industries. Women have ample opportunities to grow and succeed. However, challenges like maternity breaks, raising kids, and managing home and work together can cause hindrances. But you can prove your mettle to rise above these challenges and achieve the success you deserve. Let us share some actionable tips for career women who want to show their worth to the world.

Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself should be a priority, and women need to go the extra mile to break the glass ceiling. The right education gives you a good start, but everything boils down to imbibing the suitable hard skills and soft skills for your industry. Invest in self-confidence, and take pride in embarking on a professional journey. You can go the extra mile with professional development by upgrading yourself. It boosts self-esteem and keeps you relevant in the industry. Moreover, you have better chances of career growth with ongoing education.

Always have a current resume

Great opportunities come when you expect them the least, so you should always be ready to grab them. A current resume keeps you ahead of the opportunities as you need not spend time updating it before applying for a new job. Create a visually-impactful resume, and ensure it has all the information employers may seek. Add education and skill upgrades as you go, and update career break information to keep it authentic. You must have valid reasons for these breaks because recruiters will surely want to know.

Develop a strong personal brand

A strong personal brand is vital for all professionals, and women are not an exception. Everything boils down to credibility. Stay on top of paperwork to validate the information on your resume. You may buy fake high school diploma if the real one is not at hand. Have other degrees, reference letters, and experience certificates in place. You can also consolidate your personal brand online with a robust LinkedIn profile. Ask former employers and co-workers to share a positive word to strengthen it further. 

Build a broad network

Women are inherently good at connecting with people. Use this trait to extend your professional network online and offline, inside and outside your organization. A broad network can help you with growth opportunities and referrals even when you return after a career break. You can also leverage it to seek freelancing options during a maternity break. Show up at the right places, connect with people, and stay in touch to get the best benefits from your network.

Take on challenges headfirst

Your career roadmap may be more challenging than your male counterparts. But you can become a winner by taking on challenges headfirst rather than dodging them. Be passionate and committed to chasing your goals, no matter how daunting things appear. See challenges like opportunities to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. Who knows, you may end up doing something bigger and better by choosing to be different! 

Women professionals and entrepreneurs have to invest extra effort in their career journey. But proving your mettle can be a tad easier if you follow these steps. 

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